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Dear All,

I wanted to try and share some things that I have / have applied for / could apply for and ask if anyone else has anything to add.

I wanted to try and share some things that I have / have applied for / could apply for and ask if anyone else has anything to add.

He are a few bits to start with:

I will keep tidying it as best I can!

And please polar bear in mind that I live in zone 2 London so I have probably the right postcode to give me an edge in the lottery :roll_eyes: :rofl: :wink:

{I’ve made a few additions as well @SimonInEdinburgh }

3rg party agencies that may help

<-- Click the triangle to expand this section. Sources of help with the below

most of the benefits below need some experience with…

… filling the forms in, or knowing that they apply - the list below may not match your postcode.

citizens advice bureau

Find your local Citizens Advice - Citizens Advice

stroke association helpline

Is 0303 3033 100 or mailto:helpline@stroke.org.uk
Opening hours and details at:
I need stroke support and information | Stroke Association).).


employment support allowance

(By courtesy of @Nigelglos )

Universal Credit

Freedom pass


CEA card (BOGOF cinema)

Disabled persons railcard

CVI card (should be provided by local council)

Access card

Radar key

sunflower badge

TFL offer me a seat badge / card

Register with as much as I can to get BOGOF (ie personal assistant)



Dial a ride

Stroke association review - ask SA or get referred by OT etc

Council tax reduction - local council

Prescription delivery service (free) - just ask your pharmacy

Blue Badge

Free sticks (RNIB canes) - from local authority enabled living centre

I always say I have had 3 strokes and I can’t queue and often people say ok you go first - i’m not ashamed to ask!

Local charities and referrals and funding such as Headway in East London where I live


Attendance Allowance (DWP)

Always get GP to mark blood test forms etc as urgent so you don’t have to book an appointment generally if you go somewhere else for the tests like I do!

Enduring power of attorney

  • (Courtesy of @Nigelglos see below - Who advises ”only buy directly from the government for £82 not from the websites that Google finds”)

Plus disabled access / partially sighted seats for anything and everything


airports - loads of stuff!


Attendance Allowance (DWP)


Special assistance at airports & railway stations. I’ve used airport assistance & it makes a big difference & it’s free.


Anyone heard of ‘disability premium’? I think it exists but have no idea how to apply for it or if I’m eligible! I did ask the Stroke Association for help but they also drew a blank.

It was mentioned to me by a disabled person next to me in accessible seats at an event.


Always ask GP for double appointment so I don’t feel pressured and worried about only having 10 mins

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Thanks I have actually read that and I still don’t understand it!! Is that the same as the “Limited capacity for work and work related activity” payment that I get from the Job centre?!

The figures don’t add up I don’t think - but then I am partially sighted :smile:

My issue is that I do think I am entitled and at the mo I get approx £390 for LCWWRA and the disability premium can be up to £540ish. So am I losing out and how do I find out!!!

It’s driving me a bit bonkers as I have asked UC by phone and on the website thing and they just come back and say LCWWRA and then the DWP say speak to UC!!!

bloomin heck it really is a mobius strip


There seem to be lots of online benefits calculators but I struggle to do them.

May ask my OT or housemate for help


Unfortunately I don’t know either or how to apply. If you find out where to apply I would do just that, nothing ventured nothing gained :smile:


Your best bet is to contact Citizens Advice. They are usually great at going through what benefits you might be entitled to & will help you apply too.


What is UC stuff please?


Probably “Universal credit”

I agree @Mrs5K - citizens advice :slight_smile:


Yep Universal Credit - will try CA thanks all


ESA benefit Employment and Support Allowance


Always get GP to mark blood test forms etc as urgent so you don’t have to book an appointment generally if you go somewhere else for the tests like I do!


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This post is awesome! Needs earmarked for new people but my brain isn’t going to allow me to do that, at least not today.

I am in US so the info is not the same, but you have inspired me to go looking on a better day for similar information. I could use each and every one of those things you and everyone have added. Rail and bus are basically non existent here, but hopefully other transport available for those under retirement age. I appreciate your post, even from the states. Has to be helpful for many in UK!



Thanks for the feedback.

I wonder if anyone @SimonInEdinburgh @Bobbi who is more regular than my few weeks can maybe rry and add a few things to the welcome pack or teel me how to create a something!!

Maybe we can do a US one too - I guess it depends on the state?!

But please post and let people know!!

Get someone to help you - my OT and housemate do a lot of my donkey work!! ha ah.



I need a personal assistant to cook, clean, do home and yard maintenance, chauffer me about, remind me what I am doing or supposed to be doing and drag me out for some fun! Glad to meet a donkey farmer…do they play basketball? Donkey basketball is fun entertainment. Or maybe that is just something we do in my neck of the woods. I am in Indiana…explains a lot, eh? Where are you?


Just to get you started Ann, I asked the following question on google “any bus services strictly for the elderly in US” and found this page of things to be considered What Are the Options for Senior Transportation? :wink: :grin: