Hi im lonely

HI Francine-- Does your neighborhood have a senior center? (Senior is considered anyone over 50.) I’m in California- San Diego County, and we have a senior center not too far from home. They have a bus that picks people up if they can’t drive. I go every week for a ukulele class and have met many nice people there. There are lots of other classes, and a lunch is served every day. There are people of all ages 50-90. Many have disabilities of some sort–but that doesn’t hold them back from going to the center to be with other people. Everyone needs to have contact with others. Maybe a card club or other interest. Try to find some place like that, or a church. (I go to bible study every Wednesdaay) Then make yourself get there somehow. Dr. Laura says, “Lonliness is a choice.” The world is full of people looking for a friend. :slightly_smiling_face: :heart: Jeanne


Hi Francine, I did respond to your reply in the Lost Enthusiasm post. In case you didn’t see it, here is the link to it :slightly_smiling_face:

You can just click on the blue title to below to open it up.


Hi @Francine-13
Sorry for your situation. I think the others have given you good advice. You don’t tell us much about your situation. So it’s Not possible to guess how mobile you are. Assuming you are mobile there are many opportunities to join clubs around interests such as cooking or gardening or painting or photography or crochet or basket weaving dry stone walling, probably even sheep shearing!

If you are not a mobile then opportunities still exist. You also don’t say what country you’re in but one assumes the UK and then ageUk Will run things. Also there are a lot of online opportunities if you want something that is a little less daunting (?) I say less daunting because you’ve managed to post here and you need no more technical capability or equipment of the new must already have :slight_smile:

The welcome post Welcome - what we wish we'd heard at the start includes links to several hundred stroke support groups and other resources. In the same way that all these strokes specific groups exist there are very many other organisations offering companionship

Best wishes on your journey


Hey i had a stroke on 13th October too, 2015 though rather than 2019. Does that make us stroke sisters??


Hi everyone, my right hands dont work and my right feet don’t work i use a walking stick. Theres no one who takes me out. I have 7 children 4 girls and 3 boys ages 32 years down 10 year old. Only 2 children lives with me the others live with their girl friends, 2 with their dad, one with their grandmother and one with his sister.

My 29 sob lives with me and my 19 year old daughter lives with me. My 15 year old daughter and 10 year old son lives with there dad.

I would like to go out ( some one push me in a wheelchair. Go for weekends away go to another country for 2 weeks. I want to do exercise.

I will go into the ones you lot told me.

I just Pray :pray:t5: everyday :pray:t5: thank you



Hi my name is Kieran.

I am generally very lonely a lot of the time.

I have lots of friends and some family but people have jobs and my housemate has a job!!

I rely on lots of people for lots of things but in the afternoons sitting on the sofa crying because the red team got a golden gavel gets a bit much. I don’t get mych joy out of uch.

But I do from this forum.

I have found such kindness and understanding and it really does make me feel less alone!

Please keep using it and tell us your stories - I know I am not the only one who will listen and care.

It will get better!!

K xx


Thank you all :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: i will try my hardest to better my self and talk, hopefully :pray:t5: i wii meet people



How are you?! Hopefully feeling a bit more positive?

Keep talking to us!

be cool :polar_bear:

have a look at this for maybe some things you can get but are not sure about or maybe someone can help you with things.

Local charites are always a good place to start I have found and to be fair the council!


Hi Francine I was very lonely after my stroke so I joined a group meeting that was advertised on my local Nextdoor website
I also now volunteer at a charity shop one day a week and I love it .
So you can check in your neighbourhood if anything is going on
Ido hope you meet and make friends from this
I am 7 months post stroke and loving life


And is really great of you to say that you’re loving life because there’s so many folk here in the early days who are searching for hope and you just lit a candle in their darkness.:slight_smile:

Have a great day, correction great week, great life

Ciao :slight_smile:


Thankyou for your reply yes there is hope for everyone on here you just have to get out there (when you have a good day ) maybe after a day of rest
Because I still have at least one day a week when I rest my brain and most nights I go bed early about 8pm and just cuddle up with my dog daisy


Hi @Francine-13. Nice to meet you :blush:. Hope you get better. Joining this forum has helped me already after three days. I felt alone with my symptoms of 4th mini stroke. No-one I knew understood. Well they did until it interfered with their plans. I’m slowly getting better and my wife is a great support. At first she didn’t understand but is beginning to now. Don’t ignore small steps of progress they all add up. Wish you well,Ian.


there’s a post you’ll find if you use the magnifying glass at the top and search for “40 things” You might find useful for itemizing the source of advice that family and friends typically don’t appreciate without it being said to them .

I don’t find Jill’s original list full of points I would literally make I do find it a good source of sentiments to re-express

Might it help you n yours?




Sorry i haven’t been on here, i was busy doing something. Thank you all



Good that you were busy!!!

How are you getting on?

Feeling any better or sorry - feeling as good as you can given the circumstances?!

Here is a picture of a cheeky polar bear cub to cheer you up!

You Won't See Anything More Adorable Today Than These Baby Polar Bears - E!  Online - CA

:polar_bear: :wink:


Very cute my favourite so far!


I haven’t been anywhere, there’s no one to take me anywhere as i need to go in a wheelchair ( i want to start driving again next year ) friends i use to have a lot but since i had the stroke they dont want me to no. I have 3 friends but they have there children, husbands and working. So im alone



Hi Francine.

So sorry that things don’t seem to have got much sunnier just yet.

I was just chatting to another member about friends and how we have both lost many but the good ones stick around despite us and some come back…

You have a goal to start driving again and that’s good! Something positive to focus on?!

It’s difficult to balance our needs and also recognise that your friends / carers have lives too.

Maybe reach out to one of those 3 and just say look I’m struggling. Could you take me to visit… whatever. something close and would cheer you up!! A local pub for a pie and lemonade - or a nice wine?!?

You are also not alone on here. Keep posting and I promise people will listen.

Take care of yourself but you CAN ask for help if you need it.

Just make that call and see what happens!!

Lots of love Kieran xx

:wink: :polar_bear:

What about local support groups etc? Do you have an occupational therapist or psycologist? Maybe ask your GP they can help - all of those - they have helped me…


@Francine-13 sorry to hear you’ve not been able to go anywhere. I found the same early in my recovery but then I got better at accepting offers of help and even asking people if they minded taking me for a coffee.

I have 2 really good friends who often help me out & i know I am very lucky. I’m sure your friends would help if you asked but they might not know you’d like to go out. They may think you need plenty of rest and are helping you by not crowding you. Xx


Ya lonely because stroke survivors are rarely understood do we feel alone even when with people. Who can understand the fact we could die just like that. No one understands or wants to. I feel compelled to go out and keep busy to stop me thinking