Hello, Its just hit me

Thank you EmeraldEyes, a most refreshing and timely reply, cheers. I also experienced a TIA a month or so ago, almost as if my eyes assumed the role of venetian blinds closing, thankfully I was only hospitalised for 1 day and a half…



You are not alone. Major brain trauma is not fun in any way shape or form.

This forum has helped me so so much since I started using it.

Just to feel that connection to others who are going though similar things.

For example I have a condition called hemianopia and had 3 strokes in November 22, and I’ve found loads of people on here with hemianopia and discussed stuff and it’s had a positive effect on me.

Of course every stroke is different and everyone is different but you may often find that you can find someone who knows what you are feeling right now or at the moment.

@EmeraldEyes helpful as always! :wink: :smiley:

Keep telling us your stories please and lots of people will listen and care I promise

:exploding_head: :cry: - but life goes on - even after some of the thrill of living is gone I’m afraid!


Thank you FKB!! :slight_smile: I’m harvesting all of this useful information and so much is making sense since reading the recent feedback on this marvelous forum…like minded souls indeed!!! Thank you, Im trying to get accustomed to making spelling mistakes too… X


Spelling mistakes, typo’s, clicky fingers, we’ve them all here. I myself have aphasia so I know I make lots of mistakes…and a shed load of editing before I post, and will still find mistakes :persevere: Don’t worry, there are no grammar & spelling police on this forum like you get on most social platforms :grin:
We all know and understand each other’s limitations here :wink: :smile:



How can I share the link to the extra help and concessions thread with @Djbarker please

Might be useful?! Even before I’ve done my homework and editing on it for @Bobbi :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: :wink:

@Djbarker - I know it’s early days but some of this stuff the sooner you get on it the better I promise so if you can or can get help start with the basics like PIP… I don’t know what are help you have, what you have already done etc and how much you can do!!

No to tell you what to do of course but I hope some of the stuff might help

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I’ve just pasted it below for you :wink:

To share a post, go into the post you want to share and it’s best to go up to the top of it and click on the three dots next to Reply.
From there you click on the chain link I’ve highlighted in red…


…and you get something like this.

Click on the highlighted doc image and you get a green tick beside the url.
Then click the x to close, go to the post where you want to put the link and insert/paste.
I’m on a computer so I don’t know if it’s slightly different for phone or tablets

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I use a laptop x

Ah ha!! just tested - I actually just right clicked on the topic and copied the link!!

I know know thanks to you @EmeraldEyes :wink: :polar_bear:

And @Bobbi I also edited this post :wink: :polar_bear:

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@Djbarker just popping by to say hi & welcome to the forum.

Everything you describe is very normal. You’ll start to improve as time goes on i’m sure. It’s still fairly early in recovery terms & you’ve suffered a brain injury. Nothing makes sense after that for a while.

Sending my best wishes.

Ann x

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A specialist stroke nurse is on the chase now!! Good luck mate!!!

:wink: :polar_bear: :grinning: :crossed_fingers: :crossed_fingers: :pray:

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7k in the cash builder!

Hmm makes me think I watch too many quiz shows!

And he’s going for top offer £86k!!!

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I’m watching that too :grin::grin::grin:


Ok he is in with £86 in the final chase!!

Sorry I will stop getting my overactive brain ocd on now!

Great guy :grinning: :grinning: :polar_bear: :polar_bear:


Spot the polar bear cushion!

There are other ways of cross-referencing post .

One of the nicest ones is : within the middle of the post you’re writing in the editor if you use the Chevron in the top right hand corner to close it down temporarily go to the post you want to quote highlight some text of interest you will get a quote button that then just inserts the bit you’re interested in as a link.
This works of for posts in the same thread and to different threads even different discourse communities - each quote will be added to your edit window. You can even quote a post where your quote includes another quoted post!

And …

Every post has a link symbol below it allows you to copy URL to that post.

In the header bar for the text editor here’s a link symbol which allows you to paste a link into a post

If you have already highlighted some text when you use the paste link button the highlighted text will automatically suggested as the title of that link


:cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry:

1s!!! so close

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Thanks Simon - I think I will need a chat with you on thursday about this - my eyes are going a but today!!

got the gist but if you don’t mind I will follow up with you privately at some point!!


:wink: :polar_bear:


Yeah anytime
Generally the conversational on Thursday will be more about life than universe and everything than about the syntactic and semantic sqiggles of this forum



I reckon certainly not unusual at all to feel down regarding our health, more so when we are making some progress and then suddenly some other issue comes along, so we can feel like we are making two steps forwards and three steps back (if that makes sense)?


Hi KtG, you make a myriad of sense my friend, so much to reflect upon. Thank you very much for responding. :+1:


Hi Ann, wow so many responses, and streams of thought too. Its reassuring to hear of others experiences and just how you’ve all worked things out.

Cheers to all, David


I honestly like to think 2 steps back but then 3 forward!!

Even if those 3 are a long time coming and the 2 are in quick succession.

Eg had a new referral and new meds - 2 back. But meds helping - made referral and also cordinated that with my housemate’s appointment to have a lump removed - 3 forward.

Even though it doesn’t feel like it!

I just try ad be cool :polar_bear: :wink: