Proposed upgrading of immediate stroke emergency care in scotland

I’m feeling you @David_R_Anderson

hpw are you doing?

My hemi is right… has 3 ischemics in nov 22

didn’t have the bike unlike @Moonie66 but yeh my car one was gone just like that.

I live in London and the transport is actually f*****g good but I can’t cope so get cabs and uber and taxicard and have a freedom pass etc… Not the same where you are I know but just in case you want to bore yourself:

I’m with you

very similar but let’s say equal not more? maybe? we all have our foibles

sorry to say but they gave me good care.

RIP :two_hearts: :polar_bear: :astonished:

Hope you’re ok mate.


Here is a picture of a polar bear. just becaue

Polar Bear - Plugged In