Just had stroke

Hi just wanted to introduce myself. I had a stroke May 31st 2023. They say they were small minor strokes. I had one in April which they didn’t catch when I went to the ER. It’s been about 4 months now since my last one. I have tingling in my right hand and right foot and lost some strength in my left arm. I had a stroke on both sides of my brain so it’s affected both sides but minor. I am doing fine but I have a weird feeling in my head and it’s not due to medication. ER doctor called it brain fuzz but I think he meant brain fog. He said it would be around for a while and I’m trying to find out how long is a while 6 months or a year or more. It’s kind of a weird feeling like I am on drugs but it’s not really from drugs. Balance is a little off and it’s kind of like looking through a Coke bottle. I tried to ignore it but sometimes it’s hard. I can walk pretty fast and have been exercising and eating very healthy. Just wondering if anyone has dealt with this brain fog I’m not confused or have problems concentrating It’s just strictly the feeling. I feel like I am pretty normal now except for this fog in my head.
I am 66 years old and weigh 155 lbs now. Was 185.


HI @Mikedob



Looking after yourself is very important and the first few weeks / months are going to be a proper fog I’m afraid.

I just want to say welcome and have a look at this if you feel up to it:

So sorry you’re on this journey. I am 10 months in from 3 ischemic strokes and it is hard for my friends and family. and - of course - it’s ******* ************* **** hard on me too. but there are good and bad days!

Today is friday so:

Please keep us posted about your journey and ask questions!!

Lots of love,

Kieran xx

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Yes is the simple answer!! I have lost about 2.5-3 stone in 10 months too…

Anytime you want to ask anything just post or search and you may be surprised at the answers you get!!


I did too plus one in the occipital lobe and I have very similar ‘weird feelings’ in my head all the time. I guess that’s normal?!?! I’m not even going anywhere near medical advice but was it ischemic in both sides of your frontal lobe? or TIAs?

not that it really makes any difference I’m just a nosy person!


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TIAsI think.
It weird filling in the head is the biggest obstacle everything else is doing okay. I’m just hoping it will clear up and go away eventually.


You’ll find a lot on here about:

Regardless of what happened (TIA / ischemic / heamorratic strokes) the damage is not visable inside your head as it is damaged brain tissue.

Even we can’t see it so we need to rely on others and advice. But I think you’ll find the best practical advice you will get for just generall stuff is on here.

Ask a question in this post and you’ll be surprised at how many answers you get in a good way I hope!!

Have you had CT / MRI scans?


I will add that I have only been a real proper member of this forum for a month and it has helped me so much

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I hope so too!!


Hi @Mikedob

Welcome :slight_smile:

I expect the crew will be passing by to add their welcomes soon and the welcome post says the hello stuff :slight_smile:

Yeah the brain fog is pretty famous. If you read the welcome post there’s a little section on it but the best thing you can do is use the magnifying glass above and search for fatigue and brain fog and related phrases and youll find the there’s a lot to say .

In brief summary if you getting fog now It’s probably due to the injury to your brain. As the physical healing progresses you may get or you may escape a new brain fog or fatigue that could be with you months years even possibly decades later

You’ll have to see how it develops in order to know what works for you. But there are plenty of strategies described in truth a lot of them relate to just taking it easy!



Thanks Simon. Very encouraging! :slightly_smiling_face:


@Mikedob just popping by to say hi & welcome to the forum. Sorry you’ve had cause to join us.

I had that weird sensation in my head for months after my stroke. I thought it was never going to lift but 8 or 9 months in it started to get better. I still get it now but much less often & usually when i’ve overdone it.

Every recovery journey is different so hopefully your weird feeling will clear sooner.

Wishing you all the best.



Hi Mike–Brain fog goes with the territory for most of us, seems to be. I am 5 years post stroke. It took me many months(or years?) for it to ease off, and if I over-do or am tired my brain fog comes back. But as I’m sure you’ve heard, every case is very different, so you might “clear up” much faster. :heart: :slightly_smiling_face:Jeanne


Thank you very much Ann! That’s very helpful information I’ve been trying to find out for months and months anything about it! Forum is awesome. I just need to be patient and prayer for it sounds like!

Mike. @mikedob :blush::blush::+1:


Thank you very much Jeanne! That is very helpful. Gives me hope that it might eventually go away. I’m sorry for that problem you had also and glad to hear it’s much better. Can I ask how you been doing over the last 5 years and are you eating healthy and exercising?


You’ll soon learn you need lots of patience on your stroke journey. It all seems to take a lot longer than we all would like or hope for. You will improve over time. Just listen to your body it’s very good at telling you when you need to rest.

Best wishes



Hi, Mike.

I also am sorry you have reason to be here but hope you will stick around. I think you will find some helpful information here as well as likely you will share something helpful to others. I am just over two years with major strokes and aorta issues. I still have that heavy, ‘drugged’ feeling much of the time. It feels like I am dragging my body and mind around. My vision is a bit like looking through a kaliedescope. There are plenty of us here with either one or both of those issues (brain fog or vision issues). I can say the brain fog is lifting more often for me these days, and the vision…well, maybe not better but I am acclimating to it better. It is possible for these things to just disappear on their own, but also wise to discuss with your stoke team and GP as well as to eat well and exercise. My tingling and cold burning sensations have not stopped, but I notice them less now. Notice most during or after exercise and when trying to sleep. Although exercise might aggravate it, I believe it is making everything else better. I would say I hope all goes back to my own normal, in many ways I am better now than I was. Maybe a small reminder to be more of who I am now along with the abilities I had before strokes is what I should be praying for? Best wishes in your recovery journey. Looking back, getting well doesn’t seem so long, looking forward, seems way too long. I have learned a lot more about myself during my own journey. I think I needed to learn these things.


Hi DeAnn,
Sorry to hear your stroke complications. Wish there was never a need for conversations about stroke! Sounds like you are handling it well! Hope things get much better for you. It’s been a struggle for me but once I accepted where I was at things seem easier to handle. I had no idea what was involved with a stroke people had. I have learned much more compassion for others and learning what patience means! Thank much for your valuable information

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Glad to see you in your profile pic Mike!!

So did I but it’s actually now a must for me with ‘people like us’.

I’m so glad you have foud this - it took me about 9 months…

This lady @DeAnn , my fav American, no disrespect to the others I know but she is one cool chick (if that’s not offensive DeAnn?! - you could always tell cubby to eat me!!), knows A LOT. really. she has helped me so much.

As have lots of others on here. I’m new like you ish so may the great polar bear in the sky help you cope with this journey.


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Don’t mind Kieran…he is awesome, but I think he is sweet on me. I am his occasional late night date from afar, since he is up late enough to catch me winding down for the evening, I will bet he tells all his friends they are his favorite.

One thing I would like to mention to you and sincerely hope you are not affected by…I was thrown for a loop with my emotional state, anxiety and depression. Everything changed so fast. I became tearful and angry and fearful all at the same time. I also started talking A LOT once I could again. Like I saved it all up for those months I could not to let gush out all at once. I thought I had totally lost my mind and had no one to talk to. Medicine helped some, but being here has been an absolute godsend. If you need to chat, there is almost always someone around. I enjoy Thursday cafe Zoom meetings and Friday ZOG meetings. It took me awhile to attend, but felt safe after reading much commentary first. It almost seems like meeting in person getting to know everyone, and there is helpful information as well as some sports talk, playfulness and fun. Although there is invariably a bit of futball talk, AKA Soccer, here. I know Pele’ from my own soccer days, and the Spice guy, David Beckham, and of course, Mia Hamm, but that is all I can add to that conversation! Come hang out with us anytime.


I am sweet on @DeAnn and no I don’t tell anyone anything other than I’m sweet on deann. If I was in america I would be outside her house right now with some speakers singing don’t stop belevin’ by journey…

But I do have weird sleep patterns and if you need a chat anytime just post a message and I’ll be happy to reply / zoom whatever if you’re up or I am. well both :rofl:

but try!! probs for me private message but it’s not a big deal…

Now I get to talk at her!!!

keep cool.


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@Mikedob Welcome, it is unfortunate that both sides were hit with this. It is early on and hopefully that brain fog will leave you. Do everything you can to take good care of yourself. Do lots of research and get help from those around you: family and friends and of course your doctor and if possible; tharerapists.
Welcome to the forum, where you can vent, share, and get new ideas and insights.


Ha ha, good info thanks, that must have been overwhelming with emotions. I didn’t know what iwas happening to me At first I just started crying every time I saw a family member, someone I was close to, or anytime I thought about something sad.


Thanks Kieran, that’s good info too! I might try the zoom at some point.