Friday Night Favourite Treats and Films

Dear All,

As I finally seem to be coming out of a couple of weeks of hypertensive concern I thought I’d simply ask for treats / food / films / activities that cheer people up that you can do on a sofa.

my housemate JP has gone to Birmingham so I have no one to shout at but can watch / eat / do what the hell I want. He has left me with £20 takeaway money :smiley:

So I will start with my plan:

4.00pm today Lindt Lindor chocolate and tipping point.


6.00pm wun tun soup and the news.

7.00pm hopefully a zoom chat and a couple of ciders.

8.00pm 2-3 biscuits with some mild brie and something mindless like simpsons

10.00pm news headlines and some water.

9-2am maybe a lollipop and a biscuit and I’ve just heard a good review of the film ‘sitting eating cake in a bar’ I do like cake. If I can’t get on with it then a go to something like the devil’s advocate or I.D. :smiley:or the original dune!

So have a good Friday everyone and keep cool


:polar_bear: :wink:

PS for Roahld Dahl fans I saw the netflix version of the short story ‘the strory of henry’s wonderful sugar!!’ or something like that

I read the book as a young(er) man and love it as a short story - only 37 mins and polar bear recommended. Just made me a bit sad as I cn’t read books anymore - YET!!

16.23 update - lindt lindor upstaors so I’ve settled for a ferrero roche bar instead


Hi Kieran

I hope you have a good and relaxing evening :blush:.

You can always shout at the TV if you need to!




Lea suggests that in order that you have a balanced diet you should put the cake in both hands…


Problem is I actually don’t have any cake!! :cry: :cry:

But Lea is always right

chocolate in both hands? the chinese won’t do a good cake I dont think :thinking: :polar_bear: :wink:


I will be attending zog then a little free time until the grandie gets home from school, Maybe housekeeping but I hate how tired and dizzy it makes me feel. I have been watching New Amsterdam on Netflix lately, so possibly I can get a couple episodes of that in if the grandie doesn’t glue himself to Sponge Bob or YouTube. He ran out of The Simpson’s, King of the Hill, and The Regular Show to watch. As well as Malcolm in the MIddle and The Middle. He is very active but uses TV to lull him to sleep…Just about the time I am ready to watch since I also can’t read much…yet. I will either snuggle with him and watch what he is, or go watch the night sky with the dog and/or cats.


I think we’ll be watching the rugby then I’ll be heading to bed. 10 pm is more than late enough for me these days. I might just snatch a chunk of your ferero rocher bar though…love ferero rocher :grin:


How did that movie turn out? Was just scrolling through amazon prime last night and came across it, we were laughing at the stupid title of it. Was it any good?


Actually I had ro go for the devil’s advocate as I got annoyed about something and wanted some blood :roll_eyes: :astonished:

But I will try tonight and ler you know!!!


I dreamt last nite I had a polar bear for a room mate. We lived in a one  bedroom apt. He slept on the couch He was watching the nature channel, his


See the grauniad’s review…

What is


Had to go for the Devil’s Advocate!!


:wink: :polar_bear:

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