Blue badge sorted...?

Dear everyone! My blue badge application has been sorted and approved. They have ordered it and should be with me within two weeks. It just took for our councillor to give them a call this morning. They called me straight away. Unfortunately, I was out - doctor's appointment - when they called. But they called again this afternoon, asked me some questions and apparently I gave the right answers. Actually talking to a human being and he deemed me disabled enough to qualify for a blue badge. I am not sure whether I should be pleased about that or not, LOL! Anyway, one simple victory. You can imagine me dancing about. Every achievement counts... ?

Good news!  

That's brilliant news - good for you. x

Well done, thats great news,  congratulations on persevering with that.  we have to fight for things that we shouldn't have to fight for, but your story should give others, some hope, and you some courage for the next milestone. really great to hear that you were, successful. thanks for sharing this good news 


Congratulations. I do not drive, but my partner does. The blue badge is invaluable when out shopping and when visiting National Trust properties. Unfortunately, due to the number of blue badge holders it is actually often difficult to find a disabled parking space. In one of the supermarkets we use, blue badge holders often hover in their cars waiting for a space to become vacant.

Interestingly,When we park up we often get dirty looks from other blue badge holders and other shoppers,even when I put the blue badge out. It is only when I get out with my stick and totter forward that they look a bit guilty and avert their eyes. On one hospital visit, we managed to get the last disabled parking space only to be challenged immediately by the driver of a car following ours into the disabled area. I was polite, but told the driver in plain language that, yes, I did have blue badge and was disabled. I left it at that.

Yes John I am sure the blue badge will be useful, if the space is available. My friends who kindly give me lifts have been encouraging me to apply for one so finally it is coming. At least we can legally try for a disabled space. Yesterday when I drove myself to my doctor's appointment it would have been useless. The surgery's car park was heaving. I was pleased that I was able to deal with the whole situation without panicking and without banging somebody else's car. Well, other drivers can give me a look, and my walker. I dare them to say I am not disabled. I can only laugh, LOL! ?

I have found exactly the same thing,  I look fit and healthy, it's not until I start to walk with a stick wobbling all over the place that people can then see my disability . 


Received mine approx 1.5 years ago , any one know if after time they reasse you ? Or is it left with you ? Thanks David. 

Where I live having a blue badge entitles me to a bus pass. All we needed to do was go to the local library with the blue badge and they sorted out the application for me. Fortunately a bus passes our house and stops when you flag it down so no need to have to walk to a bus stop.


Hi Pamela , how long have you had badge ? & do you have to reapply ? Thanks David. 

Erm. Good question. I'm on my second one now. Am guessing they're awarded for three years. It'll have an end date on it if you have a look at it.


Yes you do need to reapply. I did mine online and got it without any problems.


Thanks Pamela,   / David. 

Hi David, as others have said, you need to reapply, you will not receive notification.  I would suggest that you begin the process about 2 months before the current badge expires.  It took me nearly 4 months of haggling to have my BB renewed.  I didn't give up, although I jolly well felt like it at times!!  Be persistent.  I just kept "arguing" with them until they caved in!  They probably thought it was easier to give me the badge and then I'd go away ?  good luck 


THANKS Nic , bit of advise on what best to show , still disabled,  ( to see me pretty obvious ! ) , but can't really leave home. Don't really have anything to say disabled,  do get PIP,  ( dreading probably, being  reassessed for this ) don't really have much energy to fight ! Good speaking David. 

If you get the mobility component of PIP you will automatically be awarded a Blue Badge.

Janet never knew that ! Thanks David. 

Hi David, I see that someone else has told you that if you have PIP, getting the Blue Badge should be straightforward.  I agree, it's exhausting having to fight for everything.  It's only because I'm retired now, that I could afford the time to keep emailing.  I just grind people down!!!  I'm currently hassling the life out of a solicitor, who is dragging their feet over a property purchase, he now asks his secretary to call me instead ??.  

The BB allows you some free parking usually at hospitals, if you have to attend for appointments.  This is extremely useful, because our local hospital car parks are eye-wateringly expensive.  

Take it one step at a time, this is something you need and deserve through circumstances you'd never wish upon anyone.  Hang in there - or call "Rent-a-Nic" !!!

Good luck ?

Nic , Thanks  / Worcester hospital still pay , but gets me nearer ( less for the wheelchair push / by my loving wife ) Live in Malvern now , before gorgeous North Devon,  it took 2.5 years to sell ! I would actually sit outside solicitors, before opening,  as also I believed they were SO slow .

So greatfull now in a bungalow, I couldn't even think of aniexity involved in house move now ! Good speaking David. 

A bungalow in Malvern. What an ideal situation.

i went cycling using youth hostels, over sixty years ago. And our first ever proper stop was Malvern. Didnt know about the hills. They were a lovely surprise



Hi Colin,  Yes loved dog walking , don't know why , always felt I had to get to the top ? Cycling up couldn't imagine. We are at bottom of one,  great to look at , not so tv or mob signal ! Good speaking David.