Blue badge sorted...?


Nearly 2 years on, rather disheartened,  don't feel anything drastically wrong, more concerned of what the future holds , extreme fatigue every day & bed . Am I the only one,  or is this quiet normal ? Thanks David. 

I think this happens to all SSs David ?.  You will come through it, don't get too disheartened.  Focus on the things you can do ? hopefully in a few days' time you will find some energy and feel brighter again ?  

I don't know if it is normal or not, but nine months in, I feel constant lethargy. The fatigue really makes it hard for me to get going every day. It's only around 3 pm, I have worked up enough energy to start getting on with things. The strain my visual/equilibrium impairment puts on my mind is fairly acute at the moment. Can't seem to just relax anymore. 

Unfortunately, post stroke fatigue is very common. It does ease, but I still have it. I suspect part of the lethargy is also due to Lockdown and the lack of stimulus. I usually have to tell myself to 'get going', but too many tasks tend to tire me out.

You are not alone.

We cycled from Harrow to Malvern YH then walked up the hill. I recall it was hot and sunny.

the following year we cycled to North Wales and walked up Snowdon. I recall it was wet ! The following year it was Ben Nevis. Bikes on a train to Edinbugh.


Thanks John, easy to feel like I'm in a rut sometimes. 

David, I nap for an hour every day at noon. Alas, stroke is something that changes our expectations. Improvement does carry on happening, but often in such small steps we do not recognise them. Cooking is my salvation, but,yes, the future always looks uncertain. Try to focus on the small everyday things you enjoy rather than on what you miss and regret.

Thanks Nic . Positive answer .David. 

Hi Rups , 3pm ! My poss time in green zone , is 8 am to 10 am ? . 9 months for you , gone quickly ? Fatigue & balance improved at all . Good talking David. 

Hi Colin,  did you enjoy cycling, as you got older as well ? Thanks David. 


Hi John , how long since your stroke ? Like you midday nap , if I actually sleep,  I am much improved for afternoon,  but yes night time sleep, suffers ! Good speaking David. 

Would be interested to know if anyone feels ,poss a bit worse,  something I was NOT expecting 2 years on. 


I only had mine 10 weeks ago, seemed to recover quite quickly early on but last 4 weeks have just seemed to stop. Feel shattered most of the time which makes me feel unwell. Night time sleep is a no go. 

Still early doors for me

but wasn’t expecting a stand still in progress the last 4/6 weeks.

hope all is good with you 

Yes, I'm awake but can only manage small tasks until 3 pm, I'm more active from 3 - 11 pm. Nine months slipped by, fatigue is more acute. I feel it more than earlier on. Lethargy caused by long term exhaustion managing every day with impediment. Balance is okay, but visual impairment taxing, and I can't last long on any one activity, an hour at best before I start to fog over. Need to go to PO today, that requires an enormous amount of inner preparation. 

Dear David

once i acquired a car,an Austin A40, my bikes were dropped. Then, fifty years later, i bought a bike for my adult son. This was after stroke, and when  I tried to try the bike, i fell off. Somewhat embarrasing and well pleased with the bike shop lad that saved me from a major crash.

So no, i didnt enjoy cycling anymore.

i ran, hiked and played endless tennis, so i was active but not on a bicycle.

one of my cycle trips was from Harrow to Alresford, essex. We actually failed that journey, getting the train from Chelmsford. The only time i failed a journey. I now write from my second home in Alresford whilst the wife is staying in our first home in Harrow. 



Hi David. I am 5 years post my big stroke (bleed) and one year since a second minor stroke (small clot). After my MRI scan last year it appears the area of the bleed was completely healed.

Current thinking is that in the period after stroke we improve reasonably quickly and then we 'plateau' for a time before improvements begin again, but slowly. I hit my plateau after about two and a half years, but improved after. The first stroke left me with drop foot. An FES machine improved that to the point where I didn't need it. After the second minor stroke the drop foot came back a bit, so I now wear an ankle brace.

After trying a strength and balance class with a class of stroke survivors I decided to move on, because I felt the trainer treated us all as victims and never pushed our limits. For the last two years I have been going to an active seniors class three times a week locally. We are encouraged to work at our own pace and only do what we want to. According to some of my classmates, I have improved a great deal from when I first arrived. Very often we can't see our own improvement, but others can.

Thanks Rups , good chatting David. 

Thanks Colin , good chatting David. 


Hi John , useful info , as always. Try not to feel like a victim,  but poss , like others,  can find it difficult. Thanks David.