Your Face

I would love to see some of your beautiful faces, of course your Best Side. If you feel like posting a photo that would be great. Hint: you can even choose one from ten years ago. :smile:
Here is a painting I did pre-stroke in acrylics. I included my turkey-neck. Cheers, Derek


Wow! I have always wished I could paint and/or draw. I can’t even draw decent stick people :roll_eyes::rofl::rofl:


Love it!! That is really cool - how long did it take?

This is me at 79 degrees 20 minutes North on the m/v Plancius cold and eye issues!!! But I needed one selfie without my parka with the front of the ship, no overshields, some of a glacier, mini icebergs, the oceanwide flag and west ham and a polar bear pin!!! taken 10th June 2023 08.39 Svalbard time.

K :polar_bear: :wink:



Wow you’re very talented Derek @Outlander i love that pic. I’m very envious as I’ve always wished I could draw/paint.


Very impressed :clap: . I’ve never been blessed with artistic talents, even before my stroke. Thank you for sharing.

Regards Sue


@BakersBunny @Mrs5K @Susan_Jane Thanks very much.
@KGB Thanks Mate. Nice pic of you and what a great background…wow! I think I see a P- bear on those mountains.


How long!!! Please !! several sessions - days??? I’m looking at going to a brain injury charity studio in london to draw some more polar bears and want to know what I could do other than just drawing randomly on my table cloth!!!

But without funding it’s £113 a session and I am hoping for funding but I will pay myself if I can and want to…

:wink: :polar_bear:


@KGB oops sorry. As I recall this portrait took me about 3 days. Working 4 hours a session. The size is small…about 12x12 inches. I like that polar bear drawing, very expressive.
Do you have an art supply shop near you? I would use large sheets of what we call here: Newsprint Paper, very economical. It looks like you used charcoal and white chalk?


There’s a guy called Bankys who goes round world painting on walls and then theres the polar bear man who sketches on paving slabs in London


@Outlander @Pds

I can’t bend down and don’t go out much but I like that idea!!

Actually that was drawn on my table cloth that I had to then cut in half and frame as one of my two week long hobbies was drawing polar bears and snow leopards on the table cloth as I was trying to get eye rest from watching TV :roll_eyes: :exploding_head:

12x12 is good and that is much more talented than mine!!!

I used a black biro, a white pen I use for Polars’ birthday cards on his black paper and a blue marker!!! not for that one but I’ll try and take a pic of this if the glass behaves…

I’m not talented just repetitive with OCD so I could draw you a polar bear or a snow leopard with a piece of paper and a black pen…

K :polar_bear: :wink:


@KGB Cool Beans Brother!


Is that what vegan polar bears eat cool beans ? An unusual request Outlander. Avoid looking at any image of myself. Fresh out of hospital and down in dumps a friend who had just recovered from a brain infection said I find smiling at a mirror cheers me up. So wish I hadn’t tried that😩. With bleary vision , couldn’t focus. What a face ! What I found impressive about your portrait was the reflection from your glasses. Have only one photo of me that I’m proud of. Taken when I was off guard, usually look like anugly snarling suntanned polar bear



No wonder you were smiling after all those glasses of ‘pop’.

You’re a brave man exposing your physog.



@Pds Thanks, hey what a handsome and distinguished face.
“cool beans” is just a funny term we use here in the states.
Kind of like the UK thing…“Bobs your Uncle”.



Good job, instantly recognisable, all you need now is a few buyers. Make them form an orderly queue. And charge at least £5,000,000 for each picture.

Painting can be a great way to express what is inside.

Keep on keepin’ on
:paintbrush: :artist: :art:


That is brilliant pre-strokes I went to the exhibition in Paris with the lights etc! Now no effing way would my eyes cope1!!!

I want to go and draw / paint / whatever polar bears!!! And maybe a couple of snow leopards for JP …

Trying to get funding to go to my local - I will pay if I need to it costs £113 a session…

Plus return cab £30 plus mini (@Moonie66 - mini - not biker bears) polar bears + 10 hours of prep and worry…

My local in Dalston and my OT recommends it.

They have a waiting list and you can’t get on it until funding is secured but I’m going to go for by end of November and I will do it!!!

K :polar_bear: :wink:

can’t even look at this properly now without my eyes going funny :sweat: :rofl: :roll_eyes: :exploding_head:

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That’s a nice photo of you @Pds! And you in the flesh aren’t too bad either. :nerd_face:


I haven’t drawn for a while so I just said to JP draw me two dots on either side of this page and let me see if I can remember… So just to illustrate that I am no @Outlander @Moonie66 or @Pds

I just did this.

Average but if I did it 3 more times it would be better because of repetitiveness…

Which is why I get easily distracted and no more tonight anyway!!!

Keep cool all K


Great painting pal!!!
Respect :fist:


There’s also an artist called Ben Wilson who paints on discarded chewing gum. There are 100s on the Millennium Bridge in London but they may have to be removed due to Bridge restoration :sob: