Young At Heart Wales Stroke Survivors

Creoso, shwmae to all, for a long while now Community Steps has supported our working-age Wales stroke group. Their funding is about to be wrapped up, so we are carrying on independently for now. We meet once a week through Zoom, at the moment, on a Tuesday at 2 pm. We have general chat sessions, guest speakers, quizzes, plus stories and poems read to us by InterACT. As part of our drift away from Community Steps, we have opened up a group here on the Stroke Association group pages. It’s a spot where you can receive info on upcoming Zoom sessions or any other activity that comes along. It is also a spot to keep in contact with current members. It’s a safe and supportive place, our existing members are all very friendly and supportive.

So, if you live in Wales and are of a working-age, or close to, please feel welcome to join our group.

Araf deg mae mynd ymhell.