Yoga, Tai Chi and Qigong

Hello everyone,

I took yoga up post AF stroke in 2013. It really helped and I've been really well until 3 weeks ago. Then I developed severe muscular pains in my arms and shoulders. Does anyone else suffer this? Qigong helps but yoga is too difficult right now.

Annie Turner

Yes I think it's linked to statins, I could not continue on 80mg of astorvastatin,I am on 40 mg now but on my doctors advice crack one in half to take 20mg approx once or twice per week.

on the higher dose I was very uncomfortable with pain & stiffness too in my back & shoulders. 

Thank you. It's rather a delayed response but I haven't visited this site since then. I completely stopped statins for many months but am back on 20 mg again as my blood pressure went up. Stopping did help a little but not much. Once I could move again, after a month, the pain began to ease with cocodamol.