Yay!First swim.. kind of

Hi all a wee step forward today. After much discussion, planning and rehearsing with my neurovision rehab worker I managed a wee 20 minutes in the pool supported by my lovely hubby. Yes the legs and arms didn't quite coordinate, and yes I had a few visual hallucinations and fun getting back up the steps to get out, but I did it! Picked a quiet time when only the parent and baby class was on so a nice gentle accompaniment of nursery songs and of course ''baby shark" but very glad I avoided aquaspin or Zumba. Can't cope with too much noise! But we'll chuffed and off to try tai chi next week. Keep positive all xxx

Excellent news, Mo, well done and maybe you’ll achieve more next time.  My husband went round in circles the first time he tried to swim and went under at one point. Fortunately, it isn’t a deep pool. He had a long break and struggled the first time he went in again but last effort, on Monday, he managed 4 half lengths. Slowly, slowly! V&J 

Well done! swimming is great exercise as it helps your muscles, it is also gentle. A little bit at a time increasing it weekly. I wen back to swimming a month or so ago and now manage 40 slow lengths. 

Keep it up ?

Hi V and J thanks so much for the encouragement! Yes I hope to improve week on week xx