I had a stroke in 2011 an I'm still petrified of it happening again do anyone else feel the same ? 

Dear Kellie

My own theory is that our brains are so alarmed about the stroke that did bite us,that instinct kicks in and makes us frightened of another stroke. I had the same terror for just a couple of months, but it has eased and gone right away. I think you might benefit from counselling. Has to be a stroke specialist counsellor. Maybe you have post trauma shock and never got over that ?? 

Logic says we are less likely to have a stroke than most. No doubt you are on medication to keep the blood thin and also to ensure your BP is reasonable. Then again, we cant always do logical can we.

I would be interested to hear how things have turned out for you other han the fear. Doyou still get improvements ? Or are you pretty much recovered ? Do you now live as a "new Kellie" or have you gotten back to the Kellie pre stroke ?

Best wishes


Hiya Colin. It's always st the back of my head I only got to have a little tingling in my face or hand an I'm worried all over again. I haven't had no counciling tho an I haven't gone back to the old Kellie either it's horrible. 

Dear Kellie

Counselling is really good and usually enjoyable. It helped me so much. Do ask your GP and he will probably put you on a waiting list. It is a stroke trained counsellor we need. They might well help you over the "old Kellie" thing that most of us go through. It is indeed very horrible. I hate it but I am trying to learn how to live with it.

Best wishes



It's horrible isn't it. Just wish it never happened to me x

Hi Kellie

I'm sorry to hear about your stroke. I have worked at the Stroke Association for 3 years now and speak to people affected by stroke every day - these feelings are very common, unfortunately.

As Colin has advised, counselling can really help you deal with these feelings, and your GP will be able to refer you to a suitable counsellor. You could also contact the Stroke Helpline and speak to someone who understands the effects of stroke - you can call them on 0303 300 100 or email helpline@stroke.org.uk

Take care


Thanks for the reply  x