Winning a gold medal at t(e Sleeping Olympics

My name is Brenda , I am 77, and I suffered a slight stroke (not a TIA) in February. Because the stroke occurred in Tenerife, I have not been seen by a consultant since my return.
My speech has returned, I am a little unsteady on my feet but manage, and my memory/concentration is not what it was.
My main worry is fatigue and I sleep for hours on end in the daytime and at night. I even drop off to sleep in the middle of a conversation.
Is this normal? Does anyone else suffer in this way?


Hi Brenda. Join the sleep club! My stroke was 7 months ago and like you I can sleep for England! We go to bed around 1015 and I will sleep till 730 ish! I am so tired now as my physio came this morning and am really struggling to stay awake. I can’t go to sleep as we have friends coming! Even on a non physio day I normally nod off in the afternoon! So annoying


Thanks Apple
It’s reassuring that I am not alone.

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Thanks Mahoney
Been waiting since early March for an appointment.
Decided to see a consultant privately and, voila, seeing one in a fortnight.
Not expecting a miracle cure but I have so many questions that my GP feels unqualified to answer.


Hi Brenda and welcome to the forum :smile: Yes, the sleep and fatigue are as normal as with any other major surgery and most everyone seems to suffer with it. Your body requires lots of sleep as it takes a lot of energy to heal and the brain needs it in order to process all it has relearnt as well as to rebuild and repair any damage from the stroke. It takes about 6mths for the initial recovery. This requires a lot of good nutritional foods and exercise, maybe even a daily supplement to boost those nutrients.

Good luck with your recovery and come here any time with questions. There’s always fellow stroke survivors on here who’ve gone through what you are going through, we always happy to help. :smile:


@Brendabuck welcome to the forum. As others have said fatigue is common post stroke. Initially I slept more than I was awake. It’s not quite so bad now but i’ve still had a nap this afternoon.

Hopefully your balance & concentration will improve over time.

Make sure you qrite down loads of questions for your stroke consultant so you don’t forget to ask them.

Recovery is a case of pacing yourself & resting when needed. Listen to your body.

Wishing you all the best & look forward to hearing more from you.

Ann x


Hi Brenda, nearly 4 years on , no change for me . Believe most improve . Every day , back to bed , 10 am till 2 pm , ish .
Wobbly walk , struggle with talking, others see . But oh my brain shutting me down . Others do not understand, NOO ,
bit of rest & surely I should be ok :rofl: .
Last week, trip out , with my wife . Favourite, Worcester Woods. Managed to actually get lost ! Longer than my max 1.5 hrs . BUT YES , still managed coffee bacon sarnie. Always sat outside, due to noises, in cafe. Yet , another challenge. So answer to question, normal ! Probably yes with most . Good speaking David.


Welcome - yes fatigue is so common. 20 months in I’m much better than I was but still need much more sleep than before and can doze off in the day sometime. Coverseley I don’t always sleep as well a night either - Oh the joys of stroke!


Thank you so much for your comments, David