Why me? Moving forward after a stroke

I think we all begin our journey forward after asking ourselves the question, ‘Why me?’ When I had my stroke I considered myself fit despite being diabetic and walked somewhere every day, often down to the town centre. Then bang! I couldn’t walk, I couldn’t use my left hand and I felt that my life was over. In my dreams, I was my old self...,running, dashing here and there, but when I woke...same weak arm and leg, same daily fatigue. What to do? What to do?

In the end, old instincts took over. All my early life had been a battle to survive and achieve something. Stroke was another challenge. So I said to myself, ‘Why not you? You have had a great life so far and it isn’t over. It might not be the same life, but if you make an effort you will achieve things. And so I started my post stroke journey....battling to walk, overcoming setbacks and staying positive. It was a slow, hard journey, but now I have some quality of life.

Since my Stroke, I have met people worse off than me and recently a close family member at the age of 63. On reflection, a lot of the things I missed were things I had not done for many years anyway. I now accept this just as I accept the down days and the daily fatigue. I have a lovely home, a supportive partner and a reasonable income. I have survived and will continue to do so.

Very wise and carefully thought out words.

Today the sun is shining, I have a bungalow with a pleasant country outlook. I can walk to the bottom of the garden and back and my adored cat is happy under a shrub in the front garden. 

As John rightly says. "I have survived". He also says "why me". I like to invert those and think "why have I been chosen to survive". I havent yet received an answer but I continue to look !

Best wishes