When I inevitably become slightly unwell after stroke

How do we usually get with a standard run of the mill illness after stroke? I’m 9 weeks post stroke and thankfully minimal issues other than my voice slightly but I’m curious and in my job and with a young kid it’s only a matter of time (colds, sickness etc)


@garethc970 it is probably different for everyone but people do report feeling worse with colds etc than they would have pre-stroke. Should you get ill then plenty of rest & staying hydrated would be really important.


At 2.5 years, I am well past you. I also have a younger child at home, along with all of his friends in and out of the house.

I have been ill more often, catching everything the little germ factories bring in from school. I have had Covid twice, once from hospital, once from the kids. I have also had both Influenza A and B, and undiagnosed, fairly certain I recently had a bout with pnuemonia.

What is different is that I am getting ill at all, plus how very tiring all of them are now. It is the ‘normal’ stroke exhaustion, doubled. I am rendered nearly useless and just sleep it off, with plenty of liquids. Thankfully knowing what is going on by the clues from the kid’s doctor visits, and my own, helps keep down too much worry.

You may need help with your young one if you become ill. Mine is a grandson, so after her job, my daughter takes over. He is also 11, so pretty much able to care for himself, except cooking.

The big thing, to me, is don’t stress. If you become ill, it doesn’t mean you are having a stroke, and your child will step up to help because they love you. Ensure them you are not having a serious issue, unless you are. Then just ask them to call for help. Maybe I am wrong, but my grandson was only 8 when this happened. He has actually been a tremendous help, watching over me, checking in that I am okay, and doing things I need help with. At first he was very afraid I was going to the hospital again, so I did need to comfort him and be honest with him. That is no longer near the first thing he thinks when I am down anymore. He knows for me, some days or hours are better than others and not to panic. I will tell him if I need help.

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Having just been struck down for the first time since my stroke I was really surprised by how awful I felt .

Think Fatigue and then double it. Even laying in bed was too much effort.

Fingers crossed for you that there will be a long time elapsed before you catch anything and then it will be mild.

Actually I had forgotten I had shingles last year but that was just a painful itchy rash for a couple of months and didn’t affect me in any other way. by the time I went to the GP about it he said there was no longer anything medical that would help - it didn’t affect me in any noticeable fashion apart from it was sore and itchy !