Something to read

The only strategy I ever used for my speech was reading out loud. Reading itself was also a major issue for me, so reading out loud was good for both issues. And non-fiction was a lot harder (and still is) than fiction to read, so I just stuck with reading sections from my favourite authors of fiction. And apparently fiction is better for your mental health. I’ve always loved reading and that was the one issue I fought hardest to get back above all else. I need that escapism, and never more so than after my stroke. I even cleared a lot of books off my kindle and would have shut down my amazon account if I could have figured out how, thinking I would never be able to read again let alone speak. Fortunately I’d kept all my favourite books :grin:

Talking to myself out loud whenever I was home alone.
Reading out loud the shopping list, letters, etc was also good practice for speech. Also reading out jokes, @HHilary has just given you a whole thread of them to keep yourself and your family entertained with :smile:

Back in your post in February, you said you had a young kid. Use them too, you will be helping each other by reading out loud to each other. It’s a great to their confidence to have daddy ask them to help him with his speech by taking turns reading out loud with him and a great benefit to your child’s education :wink:

I’m 3yrs post stroke and the speech and slurring itself is not really an issue for me now…just getting the words from brain to mouth is still a stumbling block. The speech was more or resolved by the end of the first year, mouth straightened out, swallowing issues, could drink normally. All those sort issues just resolved themselves over the months as brain healed.