What's going on in this stroked brain? Something to think about


Here be dragons!!

A reply of sorts to a good friend, also of stroked brain.

This here is a rough draft of the strange thoughts that a stroked brain such as mine has encountered and turned over.

Please do not take this too seriously, but on the other hand, study it carefully and compare with you and yourself, remembering all the time that I am me and you are you.

I would say cosmic consciousness, magic, religion and science, are all forms, particles even, of human thought. In my opinion despite their assertions, self importance and relevance, none grasp the whole. To do so could well be impossible.

Like Sir Arthur Conan D’Oyle, I believe in fairies.
Like him I’m probably risking my credibility by making such a statement.

While I am here I’ll also admit to believing in Doctor Watson, Sherlock Holmes and quite an array of other fictional characters.

:mag: :grin: :magic_wand:

Imagination creates people, places and events, that we can meet, visit and experience. In order to participate we need need to allow a little freedom to our own imagination. This is not for everyone, I hasten to add.

These experiences are a relevant part of life. We share them and and from an early age we have enriched our existence by participating in much that is arguably unreal.

As a small boy, a lot of years ago, I used to enjoy performing magic. The aim was not so much to trick as to entertain. No one was hurt by my activities, nor did I use it to take advantage of another. I hope that is also true of my present day writing.

We live in a world defined by what our senses bring to our attention. It serves us well to realise that our physical senses do not apprehend everything. There is far more out there than our limited view of things shows us. This means that the thing we experience as ‘reality’ is perhaps a bit more complex, different even, from that which our totally sensible senses tell us.

Our senses ‘learn’ the world around us. A table, a dog, a supermarket, are all collections of impressions from our encounters as we live and move about.

When I was that young lad doing conjuring tricks, there was no space rocket, no supermarket, no motorway. In fact much of today’s real world did not exist. The tracks around where I lived were rough, pot holed and not surfaced. There were fields and hedges everywhere. Now houses and surfaced roads have taken their place.

Such modern things did exist in the imagination of some and were shared as fantasy stories, plans for a new world and so on. Over time much of this was actually brought into being.

You could say these things are now real. I believe they were real when they were first conceived, when they were just ideas, they did not need to become apparent to our senses to achieve reality. In fact maybe they existed before any human being on planet Earth had an inkling of what or when these things were or what would become so.

In other words it is possible, likely even, that we do not perceive everything, as there are limitations to our senses and to our imagination as well.

As a young one I was also fascinated by the archaeological. This represented what had been through this whole process, reached an end point and more or less disappeared, leaving behind the traces, the ghosts of what was once solid, real and indisputable.

What we imagine, what we experience as real is only a tiny slice of a much broader, wider and more comprehensive whole.

What is important here is that using and being open to imagination, manipulating the impossible, can open up a whole gamut of real possibility for us.

At one time expressing thoughts of this nature was a quick path to public execution, to the noose or burning at the stake. Only those in power were considered fit to propose such and to make a counter claim was simply anathema.

In this enlightened age it is still possible to convey something that makes those in authority feel uncomfortable, thereby incurring a swift and unpleasant response.

Galileo learned that discovering truth and speaking it caused those who wielded power to censor him. His life was never comfortable after that but, despite their efforts, the truth was not concealed.

An old saying warns that wisdom is knowing when to keep things to yourself, but at times the truth must be spoken.


Please forgive the presumption of this frail old stroked brain and may the force be with you.

keep on keepin’ on
:writing_hand: :smile: :heart:

(ironically this was written a day early or I could have used the deep and historic phrase ‘May the Fourth be with You’. )


I’ve always been very envious of those with a good imagination…sadly I was at the end of the queue when imagination was handed out :grinning::grinning:

You definitely have a way with words.

Ann xx


Beautifully expressed. Thanks


@Mrs5K @SingingDeer

I wrote this for whoever might care to read it, so yes, I wrote it especially for you.

Thank you for being there.

:writing_hand: :smile: :+1:


Absolutely wonderful. Reality doesn’t always have to be solid. This is right up my street! Thank you for sharing x


So, Bobbi, when you say you are away with the fairies, you really are away with the fairies. :smiley: Ken Russell said, “Reality is a dirty word for me. I know it isn’t for most people, but I am not interested. There’s too much of it about.”. I’ve always felt attuned to this credo, whenever I write, I write to escape reality. I couldn’t write about myself or the world around me, I can weave it implicitly within but not lay it out in its bare bones. When I was a small boy, I wanted to be a spy. Not the James Bond kind of spy but a master of disguise, going to exotic locations in character. Of course, this is about the extent of what I knew secret agents did, but in my head it seemed like the most exciting thing to continuously play make-believe. When I was even younger, I thought that a career was just a big chest full of costumes you could don and become that thing. So, if I wanted to be a doctor, I just had to don a doctor’s coat and stethoscope and away I went. If I wanted to be a pirate, I could just dress up like one, and I was a pirate. I always thought like this as a young lad and often would escape to my imagination, that’s why I am very comfortable on my own. That simulacrum is a well established part of my brain. Such fun.


As yer Hamlet said “There are more things in heaven and hell than are dreamt of in your philosophy. Yes Bobi a stimulating post . Thx.


I’m impressed Bobbi, you just explained life to the full In that one. To me anyway, I couldn’t agree more. I’m just over 18months into my stroke and find it good to see people cracking on with their situations. I’ve been telling myself for months I’m at ease with the outcome, yet I wasn’t at all. I now after 18months or so finally I’ve accepted the way I am. It was a long road often with no end in sight, depression feeling useless having to rely on other folks help. Not being used to needing anyone, I used to be the one who helped them. Mr independent I was.
Finally I’ve got there. All through people like you. As long as one keeps trying, we’ll get there. The worst bit for me was accepting it. Which now thankfully I have. The ability of not being able to cry didn’t help. A blast on the sad songs or just some songs that have meaning helped me a lot. I feel a lot better now my emotions are back. Now I’m happy. The end is not Nye, the beginning is, thank god for that. I now don’t dwell on what I can’t do but love the little bits that I achieved. The little things, like moving my arm and using it be it small to othe humans it’s the world to me. I am happy as Larry. Glad to be alive. So to anyone who feels down and all used up. Don’t give in folks, that little light at the end of the tunnel will appear, be it small and dim it does get bigger. I’ve had the frozen shoulder protecting my arm, as you do. But believe me something just clicks and one gets on with it, painful as it might be. The pains there even if you don’t do anything, so if you just trust yourself a little more, no more dwelling on what once was, I’m here for me now. The things it took away, your dreams of retiring and driving off into the sunset are not long gone. Your new life awaits you, and yes there is one, believe me. It took me a long while mentally to get here but I’m now ready for it, bring it on set backs and all, I’m up for it. We all have our way of coping, just bear with us, we’re still here. Please believe in yourself, we are still able to be happy Andy :grin::ok_hand:


Welcome @Ardunto

Good attitude / outlook

All your life to come is in the future not the past :slight_smile: make the best of it



@Ardunto hi & welcome. Acceptance is a big thing but once you get there it does makethe rest that bit easier.

A great positive outlook.

Best wishes




I agree. The adventure of discovering yourself all over again is worth the effort.

This forum and its online community give you a safe space to make those exploratory steps.

I think treating this as a challenge and an opportunity can only lead in a positive and constructive direction.

As much as we might wish for it, there is no magic wand or wonderful healing draught, but by dealing with both the ups and the downs, I believe our efforts will take us to a better place.

keep on keepin’ on
:writing_hand: :smile: :+1: