What was your stroke like? How are you rebuilding your life?

Hi everyone,

The Stroke Association’s new campaign puts stroke survivors at the centre of a brand new TV ad.

Each stroke survivor describes how their stroke felt, and how they are rebuilding their life. Each of their stories is characterized by an artistic ‘head’, representing the impact of their stroke.

But every stroke is different. Share your experience of stroke and how it made you feel. 

You can watch the TV ad, and find out more about the Rebuilding Lives campaign here: https://www.stroke.org.uk/rebuilding-lives


I thought every one of those 'head' images was a perfect representation, very relatable. Cant help but tear up every time i watch it, when Alisha tries to say something but cant get her words out, i suffered with this and still do on ocassion so it hit hard for me. Fantastic advert to raise awareness!!

Hi yes I too got tears when I saw the ad for the first time.  Probably alot of us stroke survivors did.  I would love to see something done to give awareness to the after effects of a stroke, especially the non visible effects that alot of us suffer from.  But theres only so many pennies in the pot I suppose. Wendy