Well folks, Steve here :0)

 Grinning smiling with face


This is Steve, Aphasia, I had a stroke in April 2020. I may use my communication book to tell you something.  

Builder masonry - Landscaping - Pest Management - Publican, I had in 5 total - Inventor patented - Wood turning - Training courses pest management over the world - Walks and experiences - I used to show people how to Fly fishing.


Wood turning i used decorative bowls. - Fly Fishing - Drawing - Inventing / designing. - Being outside - Nature / the environmental  - Cooking.

Hello Steve,

Hope you are doing okay. Welcome to the Stroke Org forums. I've done a bit of "low skill" masonry. I do enjoy the natural landscape immensely and do a bit of cooking. I had my major stroke in September (cerebellum). I've never fly fished before, I used to fish as a kid but mainly just eat it nowdays.

All the best.





Hello Rups