Weight loss

When I was in hospital (two hospitals) for a month, my muscles of course, atrophied and became weak. Along with that I lost 25 lbs. (don’t know the British for “stone”) Some may say oh its a great thing to lose weight, but not if you were in good shape and weighed about 185 lbs with some good muscle. For a short time I could not swallow and had a feeding tube. One happy night not long after insertion of the tube, I suddenly swallowed some saliva and I yelled to the nurse I CAN SWALLOW! YAY! Back to solid food, but we know how bad hospital food is.
It has been a bit over a year since my stroke and still can’t gain much weight. Appetite is fine, but I read that strong spasticity burns calories. The sad thing is all the clothing I have in my closet has to go to goodwill and I have to replace Xtra-large sizes with large or medium…not cheap. My nice flannel shirts now look like I am wearing a tent, and my trousers just fall off me.
So…I am shopping on Amazon for the new wardrobe.
Just another rant my friends. :upside_down_face:


@Outlander i’m with you on this one. I am now 4 1/2 stone (63 lbs?) lighter than pre stroke. I’ve seen dr a few times along with a dietician. I’m on supplement drinks 3 times a day but still not gaining weight. Like you my diet is ok although I don’t eat as much as pre stroke. Since my stroke i have never felt hungry.

I have lost track of how many times i have bought new clothes & wear them once before they are too big. I suppose if I gain weight I’ll have plenty of new clothes to wear :grin:

I think it must be the fact that I have to drag my leg around that burns up extra calories.

Hope you manage to sortyour weight & spasticity soon.



I’m also with you on this one, I was 1 stone lighter after being in hospital for 5 months following my stroke. I now feel overweight and I’m struggling to lose weight. I only want to lose about 5 lbs (2.2kg) but not having much luck. I know I could walk it off, if only I was a bit more mobile. Very frustrating :confused:. I have even purchased a smaller dinner plate to help with portion control.

Good luck, I hope you get your weight and spasticity sorted soon.

Regards Sue

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@Outlander Hi Derek,
40lb is 18.1kg which is 2.8 stone
so now you weigh 66 kg?
what’s your height? & age?

I lost exactly the same as you, by the way.
The difference is my weight is now fine.

Recently, along with my eyelid problems, my Chinese Dr. came up with a strategy which I have worked on. It involves visualizing a wave of tension / stress travel down, through the body, and out through my toes. (this removes the focus around the eye… but it works for my leg too). Then another wave enters through the body from your head, you let it recycle through your body and expel it once more once it reaches your toes. Keep repeating. My image of this wave is of a tidal bore working its way up a river. Only think down the river!..I expect you know these type of techniques very well, but just in case this helps you…

Now, forgive me for any misunderstanding, I’ve always been confused about your spasticity (and my own)… is that the right term to use? A spastic muscle doesn’t get better one day, and then worse the next, then better the next. My physio said it was more accurate to call it “spasms”, though he admits I had spasticity to start with. I have a good day. followed by a bad day, but from what I gather you also have good days and bad ones (though yours don’t repeat in a regular fashion like mine)? I actually have a panic list (a locked-glute) list full of things that help… every trick known to man from TENS, to tonic water, stretches, isometrics… anything that helps is on my list.

The theory is that in time the brain will take hold of the muscles more and more (providing we keep using said muscles). So I’m hoping for long term progress for you and I and all survivors who battle these problems or numbness, paresthesia, spasms, spasticity, and hyper-tone (no matter what the cause).

Good luck, and best wishes, ciao, Roland


A very useful visualisation. It is no doubt very handy in all sorts of circumstances. It doesn’t involve complicated technical know how and as a result is simple to perform.
Thanks for sharing.
It could perhaps be part of a kit for dealing with all that life throws up.

Keep on keepin’ on
:writing_hand: :smile: :+1:


@pando Hi Roland: That wave visualization sounds interesting. Have not tried this. My spasticity is constant. Whole right side. A good day is when I can move with stiffness. A bad day is when I move with stiffness and numbness and my walking is wonky. The bad days can involve pain. The spasms are in bed and are more like tremors lasting about 10 seconds hands, arms, back, legs. I tend to yawn and shudder.
I am about 166 lbs. and 6’ tall age 75. Yes, I am an old curmudgeon. I am in that 1/3 group that has “progressive” spasticity. Gets worse over time, no cure, only management.
My therapists tell me Tens is only good for those with little or no movement in a limb. I made the mistake of strength training every day. It makes me worse, so I’ll be doing that only twice a week.
the other days I’ll be on my stationary bike, Stretching, Dancing to music, playing my piano, cleaning the bathrooms, emptying the dish washer and other chores as best I can. My mind and cognitive faculties are 100%. And thank goodness my sight is just about normal from seeing two of everything (double vision). Like I’ve said before: about six months ago I was feeling great and way better than I am now which proves my spasticity is progressive. The new term now is Hyper-tone. At least used by therapists here. I’ve tried Baclofen, Tizanidine, and Gabapentin. I might as well be taking candy…no effect other than sleepiness.
I still paint and can handle my brush with two hands, but my style has of course ,changed.
Now this morning it is a bit chilly in New Jersey and my body is suffering for it. My hand is fighting me as I type. I have a cervical stenosis (neck) and the stupid spasms make it worse: a vicious cycle.
I am a little over a year since my stroke. Before this, people could not believe I was in my 70s. I was fit and vital. What an evil thing this is.
Enough about me. I urge you to keep doing what you are doing. Get the neuroplasticity in gear with lots of repetition and focus. I wish you the best and keep us abreast on how you are doing.

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Who and how did they establish it was progressive? You move with stiffness, but have you ever come across a day where “it” feels looser? Would you mind me showing your post to my Chinese Doctor? Today I went on my treadmill, and felt looser, though after 2 minutes I got stiffer right above my knee… but I’ve been told this is normal.

Your pain started 6 months ago (so did mine). But I view things differently from you. I view that as more muscles that are under my control rather than passive, and without connection to the brain and the more feeling I acquire, the more I feel my stiffness and the more I become aware of my hyper-tone. I see there are differences between us ; i can visibly build up or lose muscle and I don’t have the tremors you describe. But I do have my set of problems; lack of sensitivity / touch / proprioception on my stroke side. Plus a few other issues.

I have been struggling with something ; we’re all told that stroke patients get better with time (as the “new” brain gets more practice at doing its new job.) Yet, I question if I am getting better. Anyway, I prefer to think so, it feels more hopeful for the future.

I wonder how much we share in common? I know there is a tendency for patients to identify with ailments that others describe. I can’t figure out how similar or different I am to you.

Good luck, Derek, and forgive me for prying,
I wish you all the best, and that our condition improves,
ciao Roland


@pando Sorry Roland I should have been more specific. What I glean from therapists and online research is that: “When left untreated, spasticity may continue to impact your life or worsen over time”.
Worsen over time obviously can mean progression. So, constant maintenance (treatment) is the key.
Here is a good video:

Remember Levine says it can be lessened by neuroplasticity.
We have in common that tight Bum and it gets so numb it hurts and I have it right now. Some days it gets better. My hips get hit with it very hard sometimes. There are days when My body does not want to do anything without getting very tight: even just cooking in the kitchen. Unlike you this is very random.
Stress can really bring it on. I’ll get back to you on more info. Time to get breakfast my friend.


Then I don’t understand ; you were 185 then lost 40 lbs ?.. somewhere along the line you must have gained 20 lbs ? I’m not questioning, I think I must have just missed something.

Anyway, hope you can put on weight and make some sort of progress…

ciao, Roland

This is exactly my point. Muscles which are high in tone, stiff, paresthesia and so on can only improve if we use them (yes, with utmost care and listening to them carefully). 6 months ago I had plenty of muscles in my leg that still enjoyed good, residual muscle tone from before my stroke… they eventually succumbed to atrophy, but new muscles did develop, and plenty of muscles there have a “crude” rapport with the brain that will only improve with time (neuroplasticity).

Don’t feel you have to write back ; breakfast is much more important !!

G.luck, Roland

@pando Yes Oatmeal with blueberries and Bananas, cinnamon and maple syrup.
Sorry, my wife corrected me. I lost about 25 lbs in hospital. At 165 I look weak and skinny as If I’d had a stroke??? I would love to get to at least 175, but we all need to watch the sugar. I’ll try and correct my first post above. My brain must have some spasticity :smiley: A lot of my hospital stay is a blur and I rely on my wife for memories of that awful time.

@Susan_Jane and @Mrs5K thanks so much.

Roland how is your hand/ arm strength and movement?

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Thx for asking, Derek

My arm is stable ; today it has got stiff from lifting 3kg weights. But I am confident that will clear overnight. It always does. I will do a bit of swinging and qigong for the rest of the day.
I did 8 minutes treadmill in total. Stiff above knees by the end. Also my heel won’t contact the ground, and plenty of paresthesia in my foot. It’s my leg that bothers me most.
Eyelid is settling steadily. I had a rough time with it lately

There has so be a way forward for you and me…
ciao, Roland

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@pando I think the way forward is be unrelenting in our quest to improve. I’ve noticed when I take a day or two off I suffer for it. I find my treadmill is a bit boring and also jarring. I have a huge 32inch monitor positioned in front of my Bike and watch youtubes of trails going thru England and Scotland. I do about 20 minutes.
Have you ever used the resistance bands? Nice gentle resistance. Hope that leg gets much better. Sorry about the eyelid, must be so annoying.


I also suffer with 2 days off in a row
20 min exercise bicycle is way more than I can do
yes, I do use resistance bands

Anyway, happy work outs and wish you all the best
ciao, Roland

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@KGB I hope you give a wee drop to your Polar Bear. :smile:


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You are welcome, from America, where we actually have Polar Bears, so we know what we are talking about!

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