Weekly Zoom Online 'cafe' (also Carers)

Online zoom cafe

Open to all :slight_smile:

Just clicking the link & select “Join in browser” will work - or download zoom for more facilities

Next date: Thursday, July 27, 2023 12:00 PM Drop-in anytime after the start

We normally chat on whatever anyone wants to chat about for something over an hour (sometimes way over¡!)

You can bookmark this post - the dates will update for your timezone so that each time you look at it it will show you the right details.
And…You can add the https://bit.ly/StrokeThuCafes to your browser as a bookmark and long press/right-click on the date above will give you the option to add it to your diary - if you’re using a compatible service like an Android or Apple phone, tablet, PC client etc

To subscribe to a reminder mail-list email cafe-join@logicalmodel.net

The link is set up to work at any time so you can hold your own cafe meetings by organising a few friends, a date and time and sharing the link. There’s no booking system yet. Of course this ‘village hall’ is in use on Thursday and Friday afternoons

Carers Cafe

There is a carers cafe run by my wife @BakersBunny - it now runs first and third Fridays at 3:00 p.m. UK time on

You might like to watch this 4-minute YouTube playlist of two videos of Lea the day after I’d been admitted with my stroke and later when we had found hope


Lea & i used to run online 'cafe’s for carers & open-to-all as stroke association volunteers till they withdrew support (”to focus resources on priorities”). We still think it’s a priority so still run them (& now fund them) independently

To be SA volunteers we have been police vetted, and stroke association trained in a variety topics that includes GDPR


Bobbi also runs zooms on Friday evening and Saturday mornings - to get the details you’ll have to join the zoom open group - use the Hamburger Menu then Groups then request to join zog


You’ve previously expressed interest in the cafes or come along to one and I don’t have your emails so I’m just adding this as a specific attention flag

Apologies if I forgotten anybody: put it down to my strokey brain not having great near term recall


@Alis you asked once upon a time too


Just click at the time

Hopefully the links correct! I have tested :slight_smile: it!!


Thanks Simon. I’m re-integrating at work at the moment and I’ve been working 11am - 1pm on Thursdays so haven’t been able to join recently.

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That’s perfectly cool if you want to and if you can you’re welcome and if you can’t or don’t wish to that’s perfectly fine too

Great news that you headed back into work. All sorts of benefits for the recovery journey from that not to mention getting paid

Best wishes


Thank you, Simon. It is on my calendar! I have forgotten the time but have it written and will set my alarm.

I’m planning to join as long as my OT session doesn’t overrun.

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You don’t have to be there at the beginning to join just hop on whenever you’re ready, possibly cup of tea in hand? :slight_smile:




No sweat, we did miss you and we will welcome you next time

We suspect @DeAnn had a snooze too because she was on here a few hours before the cafe started & Deann if you were catching up on your :zzz: s then that’s a good thing.


I was trying to stay up late enough…I failed. I should have looked at the time again sooner. That is 9 am my time. Could have slept beforehand…Maybe…lol.


Glad you got some sleep because I remember perhaps wrongly that it doesn’t always come easily for you .

@EmeraldEyes is looking for ways to chat with you easily as well.

You weren’t the only one that missed it. We can always do an impromptu? @Moonie66 @Ingo66 @EmeraldEyes

Btw emeraldEyes using the cafe link to talk to deann will work too


I’m happy to do one 2 one but let’s see if anybody else wants to join in. Who’s interested in coming will obviously affect the time especially if we’re going to include somebody from a different continent


Great :slight_smile:
Louise will be running the scheduled one at 10:30 .
See you there?
Has your browser bookmark for the link https://bit.ly/StrokeThuCafes

But I’ve put it here again and it’s in the thread at the top as well so you should be able to find it without a panic :slight_smile:

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Hey @SimonInEdinburgh
I’ve had a look at these links but they’re all links for Zoom meetings? I’m sorry, I’m a bit confused

Yes they are links to zoom meetings .

You asked about any meetings
there are meetings that are both face-to-face and I gave you a link to a post that lists about 300 groups across the country that hold face-to-face meetings .

I’ve also given you the link for several groups that hold virtual meetings Which is the nearest we get to a meeting of the people who are on My Stroke Guide were distributed across mainly the UK but the world

Is there something specific you want to help with and I’ll do my best otherwise you’re welcome to join us on Thursday and be as active or inactive as you wish

Ciao Simon


Hello @Joejoe37 @Jul @pando @KGB @Pinch @IanM

If anybody can remember who the eighth & ninth person were last week - because the list above plus me and Pam makes 7 and there were 9 of us! could you please tag & so help my strokey forgetfulness :slight_smile:

The lack of clarity about the future cafe details remains, but I have agreed with the relevant director that the stroke association is going to stop cafes because it doesn’t do as good a job as we the volunteers do on our own :slight_smile: he is happy for me to use the SA facilities in the transition. They will completely withdraw so they can direct precious resources elsewhere and “not get in the way with bureaucracy” - current confusion means there will be a 10:30 cafe as well - which I intend to join - feel free to attend either or both too

A few people who didn’t make it (due to decorating priorities, strokey brains :slight_smile: or hospital or just the universe and everything) have expressed interest so I’m tagging you so you know you’ll be welcome on Thursday 1:00 p.m. on https://bit.ly/StrokeThuCafes

@nsw72 @Sass @Moonie66 @DeAnn

Please feel free to tag anybody else

If we are nine or more in future I suggest that we have 2 conventions: 1) one raising your hand when you want to speak and 2) pausing before leaping in If you’re an enthusiastic contributor like me so as to let others in. With three enthusiastic people we’re in danger of creating six unwilling spectators - so suggestions in order that we all receive a bit more space to join in - of course anybody who wants to join and just to listen is more than welcome to do so including with camera turned off

If anybody needs any techie help im happy try but not at 5 minutes too or 5 minutes past!! If you click the link now you’ll find that it enters the meeting room or you need to fiddle with something - of course the rest of us won’t be there until the appointed hour :slight_smile:
If you need that help message me here or call 07768215335

Best redrags





:wink: :polar_bear:


There was Roland joe was there a roger or am I making that up and another gentleman we only saw once each


Roland and Joe I’ve got in the @s also ian. My brain is letting me down if there was a Roger

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