Weekend break

I’ve just booked a hotel and railway ticket to Brighton to see my son. Ever so pleased with myself My siblings are a bit worried about it :woozy_face: :joy:. But if we don’t try these things it’s so easy to talk yourself out of it so wish me luck everyone.:crossed_fingers:


Thanks Mahoney for your support, I just hope my left side behaves itself lol

Hi Lorraine thanks for your support as I said to Mohony let’s hope my left side behaves itself :joy: you have a good day Lorraine

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Good luck. When I did my first journey I did taxis to the station, then from the station to my destination. Did the same on return journey enjoy your visit.

@Martin fantastic it will be so good to see your son. Hope the journey goes well. Enjoy your time & then just rest when you get back if you need to.

Hi Martin you have to dip your toe in the water some time, I went to folk festival a year on, felt at time I’d fallen in deep end.was taken and collected by sister was waked but looking back chuffed. Safe journey their and back. Pds

Hi John thanks for your reply. I’m going by train all the way in to Farringdon over the platform then a train to Brighton :woozy_face:

Thanks pds :+1: not until 24 th June but really looking forward to it.

We all have to step into the unknown at some point after doing this one and will be able to do another challenge class it as an achievement in your stroke recovery

Hi we went there last week after having cancelled it due to covid I was 5 weeks post stroke I felt nervous to go but its what we needed as we hadn’t had tome to talk about what had happened, we walked too us ages to get to the pier in between having a drink and resting and people watching was nice to be away have a good time away kind regards

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Hi shep48 Glad you had a good time yes it does seem one step forward and two back but we get there as for people watching doesn’t bother me now been too long just keep smiling :blush:

Hope you enjoy the the trip & the pleasure of seeing your son. I know how you feel as i only travel locally (comfort zone) even with my husband but last Sat my son, his partner with her son took me out of this zone to Talaca Beach nr Rhyl. I was worried but when we got back felt great that i had achieved something. So enjoy the trip & feel proud.

Hi Brenda good for you what you achieved. I think we must stop thinking of all the things that can go wrong,and just enjoy the positive things. It sounds so easy :joy::joy:


Hi Brenda there’s me saying about all the things that can go wrong not expecting a railway strike would be my downfall. They Cancelled my train ticket and I’ve had to cancel the hotel🤬

That’s very frustrating for you​:face_with_symbols_over_mouth::face_with_symbols_over_mouth::face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

Hi Lorraine I could,but looking at my iPad this strike could go in to July and August don’t that I could handle another disappointment. How’s you doing Lorraine hope all is well with you Best wishes Martin

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