Watch out for an online ZOG session -- times (London UK)

ZOG session – open to all

We open on Fridays at 7.00 pm (London UK}


Click the blue link below to join Bobbi Friday evening after 7.00 pm

reminder - use the blue link above to join

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Couldn’t find anyone in the meeting, Bobbi

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my apologies its open now

@Bobbi and @DeAnn THANK YOU SO MUCH for hosting the evening! I have so much fun. We talked about everything from our strokes to native american indians and the quakers and of course politics. I have not had so much fun since…well i was going to say since my stroke in 2022 but the truth is that I havent had so much fun ever. So thank you


@healingmysoul72 @DeAnn

Thanks for joining me. I thoroughly enjoyed our conversation. I think these sessions can be both useful and entertaining, quite possibly therapeutic too.
We all have something to give, something to share and much to gain.
Take care both of you.
I must apologise again for turning up late. I had got into something else and hadn’t had an eye on the clock.

Take care each and every one of you,

keep on keepin’ on
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@pando he had his eye on his chips…I have to get me some…they seems lovely


No worries, I will hang on a bit longer next time,
glad it was a good meeting, ciao, Roland


I’ve a session open right now if you want to drop in only me here so far

now closed

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It was so very nice to meet you. I liked you from the first moment I heard you speaking. What an awsome human being you are! Can’t wait to speak with you again. Please feel free to Message at any time.