These were my articles in our local, the OB-server, 1st edition for me, about me walking to the rec, just minutes prior to my life changing stroke, then to Sainsbury's in the September my 2nd written edition.

These are all written by me, all from the heart, in where the places I've walked could be perceived as mundane, but they are inspiraional pieces. 


Wow Lloydy!  I can identify with everything you have written, especially the difficulty of that first walk and finding joy in simple things. One of my mantras has always been, ‘Be content with the day of small things’. I am four years post stroke, have my ups and downs, but see much beauty and joy in the little things in my neighbourhood.

Thank you so much for your post. Every survivor is a special person and your articles will bring hope to many.

What a lovely recital! 

Iv'e only just seen your very nice comment. Well I wrote it all from the heart. And I can't speak that well. I can sing better than I talk now, and write a bit as well. 

Thank you

Is that your name Muffin ?

Wow Lloyd!  Excellent and well done you! Switching the TV on is a nasty memory for me!  Reminds me of when I was very weak, and in my w/c.  Re-learning everything is another rotten memory for all of us.  Appreciate good writing, as have been a poet since I was 9.  Thankfully, still am!  Respect sir and keep enjoying life!  Peace Carole :)

my local walk takes me about 20 minutes both ways, nothing like I used to be able to do but I was barely able to do this at all a year ago now each time I go it doesn't seem quite so far. left leg still a bit clumsy and foot drop still an issue but FES helps. my target is a bench where I can sit and enjoy the view I am sharing with you  I am very lucky to to live just opposite the entrance to this small patch of ancient woodland in South London.   I only have to cross my road and I am there. I hope it gives you a bit of cheer as it does me. while I still grieve for what is lost, I can be grateful for what is there every day for me. 


Lovely photo Tony. I do not think the sense of loss ever goes away. Hopefully, your walking will continue improving. I have not worn by FES machine for a year, but manage well. I cannot do any great distance, but like you I joy in what I can see. I turn my joy into poems sometimes. This is one I wrote today.

Quieter this morning.

A few blackbirds sound alarms,

But other than that


There is no birdsong.

The sky is grey; the air,chill.

Across the damp ground


There are brown leaves,

With many more yet to fall.

A furtive squirrel


Scurries across a fence.

I spot some tiny toadstools

Close to a tree stump.


Then I ask myself

If it is worth noticing

These small sights and sounds


That Autumn brings me.

Many might answer no

And think me foolish


To bother with them.

But in our troubled, ugly world

They shine like jewels.

thanks John 

yes I am having a bit of a time of it just now, I don't quite know what triggered the grief recently maybe the smell of autumn.. was always a keen walker and almost more than recovering use of my hand, if I could get better at walking it would be transformative. hopeful note on your FES  experience. perhaps if I persist  I can grow out of it also. 

thank you for sharing the poem which I like very much almost a haiku quality to it. 

  will keep at it, the outdoors is where I am happiest so I am so fortunate to live close to the woods 

 all the best 


Hi Everyone, I like a good walk and have recently been to St Margaret's Bay for a short break and I enjoyed walking along the cliff tops near Dover and looking out over the English Channel even though it was a tad muddy and it takes me longer than it used to before my strokes. My left side has been affected and my left foot sometimes catches the ground, more so when I am tired but at least I can still get about. I'm not likely to give in yet. I.ve also noticed that i get out of breath more when going up an incline but just stop and take a few mins to settle and then carry on. Things improve daily and with good family support my life almost seems normal and I try not to worry about having another stroke. What will be will be!

Hope all of you are getting there at your own pace.