Walking with a stick

Managed to get out of the car walk ed into the garden centre Caffe into a lift and seated at a table whole my good lady parked the car. Reward a bacon butty and large latte.

Just proves what will power can achieve and now exhausted, all you out there keep walking keep fighting the recovery is closer every day


Well done, and that’s my kind of reward.

@mrfrederickson well done to you. A sausage Sarnie & latte wiuld be my reward choice :yum:


A good choice very tempting for my next trip out, worn myself out stamina is poor currently, must keep making the effort to improve.

The positive thing is that you got out and it sounds like you enjoyed it. I find that building things up slowly works for me and planning plenty of rest time into a new activity.
I use 2 sticks or a rollator, that gives me extra confidence to go out.
My treat would be a piece of cake. :pancakes:

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It’s great to see the motivation and drive to overcome the constraints of stroke, always a little further.

Well done. Every small step forward is a big one.

Great to do theses things for ourselves. I’m on holiday with friends at he moment and can’t believe how much I’ve walked . One friend is a keen walker and counts her steps so when we go out, she still counts our step’s albeit it’s a slower walk. Have done p to 7 thousand steps. Our reward a nice glass of wine .


Fantastic achieve ment shines a light ast to where we all hope to follow, your stamina must be increasing considerably too

tried walking down my sloping drive yesterday, managed kept the wall on my left in case I needed to prop myself up.if my arm wakes up I too will use two sticks but for now I have to be brave and minimise the tumbles.

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Marvelous, I haven’t had a bacon sanny for years, just reading about you eating one has made my mouth water and I’ll add one to my ‘mustdo’ list.

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Just having a friend with me every day to have the extra support to hold on to us amazing. I’m enjoying the walks and also getting to the bar to have the reward is extra special. Must try and keep it up once I’m home. Unfortunately since my stroke my weight has gone up considerably so a diet after the holiday is a must. Not looking forward to it but hey ho I’m here to tell the tale x

Celebrating walking again is a Fabulous response to the none walking phase, can’t wait to be walking pain free in my usual fluid gate rather than looking like an extra from Shaun of the fead

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My rehab always hasrewards but keep a check on the weight with one arm out of action my old work outs with kettle weights are limited.once my left arm works enough I will be back at it

I walk more like a waddling duck, but, hey I’m walking. Just remember your core has changed from the centre after a stroke. Just persevere.after one year I think I’m walking well

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Good advice thanks certainly fit for apart in Shaun of the dead

Whilst still receiving occupational therapy at home. My OT used my phone to video me walking,on my own and helped me try to correct m walk. It’s when it’s played back you can sometimes see your style.

That’s fantastic mate well done. Bacon sandwich has to be with brown sauce for me.

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My thoughts exactly and until my mirror arrive s all I can do to assess posture and gate

I like to set myself a goal like this each week also gives me time with my wife to remind each other she is more than my carer. Very important during recovery as your other half bares the brunt of your burden