Walking & Dizziness

Afternoon All

I am working hard to try and get my walking sorted so I can walk without a limp. I am slowly improving and my limp is less pronounced. If I walk very slowly I can manage to walk without a limp but it is very very slow. When I try and speed up my walking I get a dizzy head. (Head not room spinning). Does anyone else have this? Any hints or tips that might help?

Hope you’ve all got some sunshine :sun_with_face:

Thank you xx

Do you use any walking aids? I use 2 sticks or a rollator. The rollator is a wonderful tool to help with my dizziness and it has the advantage that I can immediately sit down on it if I need to.

@sunnyday thank you. No I haven’t got a walking aid. I’m trying to sort my walking to manage without but will have to look into one if it doesn’t get better. I don’t want to be stuck not being able to get out & about due to constant dizziness.

Are you on any medication for your dizziness? I’m on behetishine my dizziness is much improved I get a bout of dizziness I take things slowly I use a stick when walking as it helps with my balance hope this helps

@Gillian_21 I do have some betahistine that I can take. I’d forgotten about them as the dizziness had improved but now I’m trying to up my walking game the dizziness has started again. I will find them out. Good shout. Thank you xx

I suffer from the same thing feeling dizzy & my gait was slight owing to its weakness owing to head injury when walking which has over the months improved thanks to my continuing hospital visits where Physio is still on going . What was suggested to me last year was an exercise bike that would strengthen & improve my brain in learning the body is upright & working the pedals helped greatly and . Has over a period of time lessened my dizzy tiring leg slowly adjusting and learning how it once was

@Jordan thank you. I have been using an exercise pedlar. Hopefully continuing with that, & lots of walking practice it’ll resolve in time. I’m still having physio too but they seem to think I should be walking ok. :walking_woman:

@Loshy thank you :grin: I’m guessing it’ll just be a time thing. Just frustrating but then I’m probably not the most patient person :upside_down_face: I will keep plodding & hopefully in time I’ll be able to walk at a normal pace without feeling like I’m going to fall over :grin::grin:

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It can be very annoying when hearing from Physiotherapist telling us “ you should be doing this that by now” we are all different & are not people they read in there txt books it takes whatever time it takes to get better be it walking ect . I’m sure in your own time with your walking/peddling things will get that much easier for you .
Best wishes :smiley:


Thank you @Jordan
I agree that sometimes they forget not everyone is the same as a textbook.
If its down to determination alone then I’m sure I’ll get there :grin:


@Mahoney I thought it was just me that stumbled off to the side for no apparent reason. :grin: it can be quite funny but frustrating too. :blush:

The balance and stumbling issues mentioned in the last few posts also affect me. If I try to walk without aids, to the casual observer I would appear to be drunk. The 2 sticks help to correct these issues and the rollator helps even more. This has been a constant issue for me for 5 years now. I still do some of the leg exercises learned in physio - that helps too.

@sunnyday Hubby & I make a joke out of me wandering off in wrong direction. :grin::grin:
I did have someone give me a wry look once & could almost see them thinking bless her she’s drunk & it’s only lunchtime. I just smiled back & kept going :relaxed:

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Evening @Mrs5K. Yep I’ve had those looks. The wicked side of me wants to say something inappropriate “bottoms up” or “cheers dears” just to stoke the fire but so far I have resisted. I’ll keep you posted on progress :grin: Julia x

@JuliaH now there’s an idea :grin::grin: that would be quite funny :rofl::rofl::rofl:

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Hi @Mrs5K , sounds like you’re doing well. I don’t have the dizzyness but do have a limp most of the time. Very occasionally and with the right footwear I can manage to walk fairly normally and at a good pace.
I find certain trainers are better than others, but my work shoes are the worst.
I think it is the lack of much feeling in my foot and the weakened leg that make it difficult but I always try to go at a decent pace (I used to be a fast walker so my reduced pace is not bad).
As @Jordan said, an indoor bike is useful. I try to use mine when I have the energy & set the resistance family high & try to push with my bad leg as much as possible. Also (as physio advised) when going up stairs I take 2 at a time with my bad leg to try and build some muscle back.
Good luck & keep persevering (hopefully the dizzyness will ease).

@Ingo66 thank you. I’m doing daily walking practice to try & get myself walking better. I find I can’t walk far at the minute but considering when I had my stroke the dizziness was so bad I couldn’t even stand up I’m fairly happy with my progress.
My wear consists mainly of trainers at the minute. Less likely to trip in them…well thats my logic at least :grin:
I’m having difficulty lifting my leg so taking 2 stairs at a time may be a little way off for me yet. I’m in awe that you can do that. :blush:

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@Mrs5K I’m so glad you are making such good progress :+1:

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