Voice recording

Hi everyone. I lost my power of speech with my second stroke. I try speech exercises given to me by a speech therapist, Recently I have been using recording on my iPad. I was horrified to hear my voice. I sound like a creature from Doing Who. Yet another result of my stroke. Lilian

I’m sure its not as bad as you think.
I think we always sound different to what we think we do when we hear ourselves on a recording. I’ve always hated how I sound.
Sending hugs :hugs::hugs::hugs: xx

Hello Lilian @l_platt . I think you always react badly to hearing your own voice as you never sound like you think you do. I’ve always disliked hearing my voice, not even going to try post stroke as I’m pretty certain I know how I’ll feel about it. What matters is being able to express ourselves and as long as that is intelligible to others however it sounds is a goal to move towards. Keep trying and hoping for progress, Julia x


Dear Mahoney. Thank you for your words of encouragement. I need lots of such words currently. Love Lilian x

Hi Lilian, sorry to hear struggling, same here! I actually bought mini voice recorder, keep in my pocket. Use , if no pad & paper handy . Struggle to talk & write endless, notes, particularly for my poor wife. My way of communication. No , scooter, for 3 months, but like you , appreciate walker, if only for very short distance. Good speaking David.

Hi David, . Sorry to hear that you are experiencing some problems like me. My problem with speech is further made difficult because I can’t write . My stroke left me with limited mobility on my right side and so I am unable to write either. My husband is hard of hearing and so life at present is not easy but at times can be amusing! Good luck to you . We will struggle on together with a smile. Love Lilian x

Hi Lilian, yes good I can write my notes still, although I understand them, my wife struggles. Pleased my right arm not bad . Hearing aids , need updating, but just could not face testing & visit. I am in process of arranging spec savers, home visit, for this reason. Also looking for poss , sit outside (noise ) coffee shop, ideally in quite , peaceful area. Locally. Like many I am sure, struggle sometimes to join in, on here. But bouncing back. Love David.