Vitamin advice please

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Im a bit confused about multivitamins and what should/shouldn’t be taken post TIA/stroke.

My partner takes vitmain d but was going to get him a multivitamin to take to help with the fatigue etc. Ive read that Niacin (vit B3) isnt recommend and can increase risk.

Anyone recommend a real good all rounder?


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I don’t take multi vitamins but maybe talk to a pharmacist about whats best and wont interact with other meds.

I know, for example, I’m not able to take Vit D as it can increase calcium levels and mine are already high due to a medical condition i’ve got and high calcium makes that condition worse.

There are a few posts about supplements which i’ve linked in below.

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And maybe add to the ones listed by Ann these two by @pando

This is perhaps the most definitive looking post we have on the topic there is another supplemental Muscle limitations - #17 by pando

@EmeraldEyes normally has something good to say on the topic too if you search “@EmeraldEyes B12” youll find quite a lot of advice



Hi @Karenemma vitamin B12 is obtained from foods such as meat, fish, milk and eggs, etc.
I was put on a high dose Folic Acid about 6mths after my stroke because I was very low in that, a bit anaemic, lost a lot of weight. And that seemed to pick me up a great deal, not only did it help with the fatigue it also eliminated the heavy leg syndrome. The doc recommended I continue with the over the counter strength afterwards, so that’s what I do along with B12…good brain food :wink:

Does he have a reduced appetite since the stroke? Ideally, your husband could do a blood test to check his vitamin and mineral levels. But you could try him on B12 or a vitamin B complex or even just a daily nutrient shake such as Ensure to cover all the bases…they are usually high in protein which is what the brain needs, the shakes can be made into a drink or mixed into foods.

And I am not a medical professional by the way, this is all just what I’ve learnt through life and being surrounded by medical people :wink: Which is why I always suggest seeking medical advice, just rule out anything untoward.