Very pleased with myself today

Hi Everyone, just wanted to share my achievement today. Went to Argos to pick up an order only to find that the lifts were out of order !! We live in a bungalow so I’m well out of practice using the stairs but thought I’d givebit a go. To my surprise I managed without any problem. Feeling very chuffed with myself and think I might use the stairs more often, it was definitely a good cardio work out. Nice to know that all of my hard work and effort over the years hasn’tgone to waste. Feeling very pleased with myself.

Regards Sue


Yes, well done @Susan_Jane
. . . that extra exercise does lots of good things. It’s definitely worth being brave and pushing on once in a while.

Keep on keepin’ on
:smiley: :+1:

Little by little. Many little steps build up to make a big step! :slightly_smiling_face:

So glad for you Susan! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:Isn’t the body a remarkable thing? It often surprises us. Using the stairs more often is a great idea–strengthen legs and heart.:leg: :leg: :heart:! Jeanne

@Susan_Jane yay…well done for giving it a go. You should rightly be very pleased. Amazing xxx

What a great achievement @Susan_Jane , well done

Brilliant Sue, a sense of achievement is worth all its weight in gold after stroke.

Well done. It’s good to find out that you can do things you didn’t think you you could. :blush:

We’ll done @Susan_Jane, great achievement!! Keep up the progress.

Well done :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
Lindsey Sinfield

That’s such a fantastic acheivement - well done!
And no doubt has boosted your confidence no end! Well done on getting out of your comfort zone!

Well done and congratulations Sue. I know how rewarding something like that can be because I have also surprised myself a few times with being able to achieve something that I hadn’t tried for a long time. It’s inspired me to keep on trying to improve my mobility because otherwise it’s so easy to give up when not a lot seems to be happening in the short term. Terry

Tanfastic well done. It’s good to see these things because as milestone they show how little by little does build to big capability gains

Well done & thanks for sharing the inspiration :slight_smile:

congratulations. :congratulations: progress progress,progress.

Well done @Susan_Jane Sue. Hard work and effort rarely, if ever go to waste. You should be well pleased with yourself. Keep going!

Well done Sue,
You should feel poud of yourself, i can only manage stairs if there is a rail both sides. :+1::clap:

Well done. Sometimes I can get up a flight one foot after the other and other times it’s two-footed. Always using a bannister.

Well done keep up the good work