Unsteady on my feet

Good evening all. I'm new to the group. I had a TIA in October 2015 at the age of 45. I've recovered physically quite well. I still can't run properly, which upsets me when my 2 young children want to run around and play, particularly my son, who's a rather good footballer. Left hand co-ordination is not what it was, naturally. These things I can tough it out and push through, however I am struggling with feeling of being unsteady on my feet. It's beginning to wear me down and I feel it's effecting my quality of life, which it probably isn't, as it's all in my head, if you'll excuse the pun. Every time I go to the doctors with this, they run the usual tests, check my BP, which is always really good, to be told there is nothing wrong. I'm going to Italy in 2 weeks time with my son, who's going to play football and I'm dreading the trip, which I shouldn't be, all because of the unsteady feeling I keep having. I've read a few posts from people on the forum. Is this really quite normal and something we all just have to contend with ? 

Dear Simon

Your poblems are not in line with most of us. So no I dont think this is normal. If you had a TIA and not a full stroke, then you should not be having any long term problems. T is for transient. My hospital classified transient as 24 hours. Is it possible that your problem is nothing to do with stroke ?  If you are convinced that you do have stroke problems then you should be looking for brain damage, known as an infarct in most cases. Would your doctors give you a full brain scan to search for damage ? Did your written diagnosis give any hints ?

I quite hope there is indeed nothing wrong, but I think you are sure there is a problem.

I hope the trip to Italy works out well



Thanks colin. They keep telling me there's nothing wrong, but it must be something. I was reading a few of the other posts like I said and their problems mirrored mine, which is why I asked.

Hi Simon, I agree with Colin. Please check this out further. Like Colin, I had a full stroke three years ago when I was 72. I had to learn to walk again and for the first two years was very unsteady on my feet. Fortunately, I did not have many falls. Three years on I am steadier, but still have some unsteadiness. Because stroke is a brain injury, I now have to focus more on walking and am much more careful, especially on uneven services.

It must be very hard for you, as a dad, to be unable to run around freely and to have this unsteadiness. Please check it out. Like Colin, I hope your trip with your son goes okay. Best wishes.

Thanks John.