Two year anniversary

I can't believe that yesterday marked my 2 year post stroke "birthday "

Not everything has gone as I hoped. I have taken early retirement and my husband has had even more health issues. But the bottom line is we're both still here and fighting to continue. 

Long may it continue. 


Happy post stroke birthday to us all and let's keep up the good work of recovery ?????


Hi Kay - stroke anniversaries are odd things, not a conventional celebration maybe, but amazing recognition of everything you've overcome, you wonderful lady ?.  I just hope you and Mike will soon be together - it's easier to face the challenge with your loved one by your side ? (ooh-er I've gone all slushy!!) Take good care, stay strong, wishing you many more years of happiness xxxx 

Hi Kay, my fourth stroke birthday is just over a week away. It has been a hard road from learning stop stand and walk to the point why I can now cook most of our meals and do some simple household tasks. I have exercised myself silly and still do. During these four years my partner has had two hip replacements, I have had two cataract ops and a perforated septum in my nose. We have also had a new disability friendlier kitchen and a new shower with a seat in.

Although your husband has his health problems, the most important thing you say is that you are both still here and the fight continues. I echo your sentiments. Happy stroke survival to all of us!

Too kind many thanks xxx

Many thanks for your support and kind words. 

Best wishes for your 4th birthday 

Happy Anniversary! Hope you have many more  smiley

It was 2 years for me on 25th February. Feeling much better in myself with only short term memory issues which are becoming less frequent now. I count myself very lucky but do worry I might have another stroke even though I'm taking medication to prevent it.

Keep up the fight. Best wishes to you both.


Too kind

Many thanks. You keep your good work as well 



Made my first chilli con carne today since my stroke.  Used a packet sauce mix. But fresh onions.  Very peculiar shape like when I first peeled potatoes.  More practice. Tasted nice.

Another mile stone at least glimpsed if not achieved.  Hooray 

Well done Kayyes  Another milestone ticked.  I've finally managed to show potatoes who's the boss! They may end up quite a bit smaller than they should be but at least they end up in the pan and not on the floor :)

Well done Kay. The only way is up. I found that by keeping at it more progress is made. I still swear a bit when peeling potatoes and apples, but I can do it. I now cook most of our meals.

That is a good and worthwhile achievement. And you know yo have another go sometime soon.

I do a beef stew in the slow cooker and it makes a change.

Best wishes


I use an "oxo" peeler. It is easier to grip and no danger of peeling my fingers.

Best wishes


Sounds delicious, my lovely, well done you ? ?

How's Mike?  Have been thinking of you both ?.  

Take good care xx

That's fantastic.  You show them whose boss! I ???

Mike's still in hospital.  No longer needs dialysis.  They are hopping to transfer him to our local hospital soon.

Hope you and your lovely husband are coping with the new challenges. 

Stay well and be strong ??


Thanks for the kind words and recipe ideas. I have a slow cooker and I've never used it. My old one gave up the ghost and I bought this one just before I had my stroke. 

Thank you for the encouragement and inspiration. 

Going to try making bread next. Thought the kneading would be good exercise.

Will keep you posted but no pictures of the kitchen floor.  I seem to remember flour can go a long way. 

Kay, This is my bread recipe. I use the dough hooks in my food processor with a bit of hand kneading after each rise. I am also lucky enough to have a proving drawer.

I make this in a food processor with dough hooks, but you could knead it yourself


60 grams strong whole meal or mixed grain flour

285 Strong white bread flower

225 mls water

Couple of tablespoons of olive oil/sunflower oil

Mixed seeds

Tblspn sugar

Half teaspoon of salt

1 packet fast acting dried yeast.


Weigh flours and mix together

Add packet of yeast and sugar and mix into flour a little.

Put olive oil and mixed seeds into food processor bowl

Add seeds to bowl

Heat water in microwave for 50 seconds on full power

Pour water into food processor bowl

Tip over flour mix

Put salt on top

Mix for six minutes

Hand knead on floured board for a few minutes 

Cover with warm damp cloth and leave to rise in a warm place for at least and hour


After an hour, warm oven to 50 degrees

Knead flour then put in oiled bread tin

Leave to rise in warm oven for a good hour

When bread risen turn oven on to 200 degrees

Bake for 34 mins




Do not add salt to flour when you add sugar and yeast. Salt kills yeast if too close to it when you add water. Too much whole meal flour makes for a heavier dough and a slower rise. You must have the right amount of water. Too much and you will have a floppy dough, too little and the dough will be too heavy to rise much. Good luck!