TWO & HALF YEARS ON/ what I have learnt 🤔

Cerebellar stroke, aged 61 ,NO IMPROVEMENT, TERRIBLE FATIGUE, bed every day, mobility not good, struggle talking. Tend not to over analyse, just get on with it .
Blessed to have loving, supportive wife. Timed it well, to be living in fantastic bungalow, I can shuffle around in . In hindsight if you can afford to . Just do anything to make your journey easier from the start. I believed, I was going to bounce back & chose to struggle.
Fixed grab rails myself , good achievement & know strong enough to swing on. Walking stick, rollator with seat, brilliant. Small scooter, massive disappointment, thought it would change my world, it didn’t! Sensory overload after half hour, brain shuts down & not safe. Automatic sensor lights around house great, if shuffling around, struggle even turning on switch, particularly looking up or down . Sensor switch on shower extractor . Kindle as opposed to book , good & use mini bean bag to support this , tablet & lap tray. (Weak side) . Automatic sensor foam soap dispenser, kitchen, less puddles. Shower / use gel & wall dispenser , easier than chasing soap around, when constantly dropped. Shower seat, hoping to update Shower room, easy access, non slip tray ,concave wash basin, I can sit at & get my legs under. Comfort height wc . Non slip floor tiles.
No medical advice, not me . Happy to help anyone. GOOD & be happy new year. David .


Comfort height wcs are a great blessing. We have two.

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Happy New Year David. So much of what you have done is the same as for me. I find my kindle invaluable for reading the daily newspaper manage actual newspapers was almost impossible for anyone with limited movement in the right hand in my case. I use a rollator with a seat when shopping but I have got a power wheelchair which is useful for longer trips out. I still rely on my husband a lot but life is good. A recent bout of the dreaded covid did not cause any problems. Regards Lilian

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Thanks John, yes waiting in spare bedroom, for 3 months, to be fitted. Good speaking David.

Hi Lilian , Looked up your I fold wheelchair, from before, saw they also do scooters . Poss I could have chosen mine better? Partly because live in Malvern, very hilly, & scooter struggles. Yes kindle good, Unlike you though, stopped reading news papers & small amounts of news! Found I was getting overloaded & anxiety / covid , not believing in politics, etc. Try to read & watch HAPPY, where poss . Good speaking David.


Hi David Thank you for your comments. I like to read anything, even politics. I try not to get too anxious but usually very angry!! Since the stroke I find I read rubbish detective novels and woman’s romances,nothing intellectual. I can’t concentrate like I used to. Where I live there are no hills so it is easier for my wheelchair. I hate the winter though. Do you? Regards Lilian

Hi Lilian, winter, for me OK, used to be a builder, Remember putting up roof, many years ago, ice on scaffolding & frozen 4" nails sticking to skin on my hands. My wife sometimes thinks me a bit screwy .AM , make a coffee shuffle outside, to sit in our folley, in garden, wooley hat , gloves, blanket over my legs. Possibly, bit like you going to your coffee shop, feels like a little achievement :joy: . Good speaking David.

Hell David. I admire you for getting out but I think I am like your wife and prefer to stay in the warm. At present,recovering from covid I am isolating in that I only go for very short walks where there aren’t any people. The trouble is that you lose confidence when you are stuck at home and you don’t want to go out. When did you retire? It has been over twenty years for me now. I have forgotten what it was like! Good to talk Lilian

Hi Lilian, stroke at 61 , 2.5 years ago . Forced, me to stop work & driving, probably stating obvious :grin: . Still manage to potter in my workshop, 2 hours max . Not good day today, back to bed 9.30 am , such a struggle someday, to stay up .Hope speedy covid recovery for you . Good talking David.

Hi David. I am sorry to hear that you are feeling rough. Rest is very important and I fall asleep in my chair quite often. Luckily I have a reclining chair so it’s easy to do. I don’t drive now but I never liked to drive anyway. My husband likes to drive so I am fortunate. You sound as though you still keep active on a good day and I hope you will soon be better. We all have off days. It seems to be part of our condition. Take care Lilian.

Thanks Lilian. / David.

Happy New Year.just thought I’d say I struggled reading after my strokeand that along with music is my biggest passion,It upset me enormously that I couldn’t make sense of or remember what I’d read or have to keep starting again and again so I gave up,but I have re tried,used a big magnifying sheet at first,not now tho and I am able to read more now and find if I use a ruler to go down the page that helps.keep trying dont give up and if not try to stay positive. Best Wishes Bernadette :heart:

Hi Bernadette, yes ruler idea, use a lot on my endless reminder notes. Eventually bought small voice recorder, works well. Better new year :grin: . David.

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Hello David,

Twenty months since my stroke and my first post, never was very quick at practical things.
I have a loving and supportive wife who has kept me sane for the last twenty months, there are times when I wonder if I would have survived if I was alone. Anyway I’m here and I’m probably as well as I’m going to be which isn’t too bad considering all that’s happened and the Covid malarkey.
I’ll be seventy this year and just about getting used to the changes brought about by my condition, I can’t drive any more due to eye damage so the grandchildren’s transport is someone else’s problem. I still have balance problems but I swim a few times a week and in the water I’m the same as everyone else. I can’t read books now because the words won’t stay still but I have a kindle which for some reason or other is much easier to use. It’s also a damn sight cheaper.
All in all it could be much worse.
Wishing you and all correspondents well.

Hi Clem , Yes family support, so important. 20 months! I find days can feel quite long, although often in bed a lot . But my 2.5 years seems to have gone fast. Good speaking David.

Hi Bernadette after reading your comment about reading. I have a kindle that you can get audio books from Amazon. So you could listen to a book with or without headphones. The kindle will know where you stopped reading. Give it a go. Dolla x

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Hi Clem you can get audio books for your kindle from Amazon you can just sit back relax and someone reads a book for you. Great with earphones inthe garden when warmer. Dolla x

Thankyou for that tip it sounds a great idea,I will look into it,pun intended​:smiley::+1::purple_heart:

Hello Dolla,

I tried Audible about a year ago and the idea is very appealing only I kept falling asleep while listening. A year later it may be worth another try, thanks for the reminder.
Best wishes

hope you get a result this time
Dolla x