Trying to be positive

After having a subarachnoid hemorrhage in April 2019 , I have been pushing the DVLA to reinstate my licence, I have jumped through so many hoops for them it's ridiculous. I have to have another eye test at a hospital in Glasgow which is over 4 hours away from where we live. I got a call from the hospital yesterday to say that they can see me next Thursday. I am so so nervous as this is the last test that will decide if I can drive again. I have been fighting for this so I can go back to work but unfortunately,my employers decided to let me go last Wednesday as I couldn't give a return date. Keeping my fingers crossed that it will be fine but also have the thought that it may not be.

They really have acted disgracefully throughout causing you many problems, stress and now the loss of your job.  Sending you 4 hrs away is appalling. I hope that you have someone that can take you but what would they expect you to do if you hadn't?  Hope your test goes well and I'll keep fingers crossed too.

I agree with Brenda, unacceptable treatment. I think you should raise these concerns with your local MP and Justin Tomlinson, Minister for Disabled People, Health and Work by letter/email. Like many people we are patient, tolerant and follow the rules but goodness me enough is enough! I wish you a good but fair outcome, and one that’s not stacked against you. Maybe the Stroke Association could offer some advocacy with this problem? Pat x

Thank you so much for your reply. My local MP was trying to help before lockdown. He put in a complaint for the way my case was being dealt with but they took ages to reply to him and even when they did there was no apology, think they have to be the very worst department I've had the misfortune to deal with x

Luckily my husband is working one week on one week off due to Covid-19 and he is off this coming week but as hotels etc are still closed in Scotland we will be driving there and back in one day. Thank you for keeping your fingers crossed for me x