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Hi everyone, hope you are all doing well. Has anyone got any advice on getting travel insurance? I have not received an official diagnosis but had a possible TIA in December and bubble test showed i have a PFO according to the person who did the test. My neurologist said i dont need to declare any medical conditions on the travel insurance as they dont have a diagnosis yet. Has anyone else been in this situation and if so what did you do? Also if anyone has any recommendations on companies to use it would be much appreciated. Thank you.

@Susank i am currently looking at travel insurance policies. They all ask whether you are awaiting test results or treatment. If you put yes you’ll struggle to get insurance.

I would have thought you’d have to declare your PFO as you know about it although maybe not had it confirmed by the consultant yet. The TIA is probably declarable too.

My advice would always be, if you are unsure, that you should call the insurance company before purchasing the policy or booking your travel.

Different Strokes charity recommend using

You could also try Staysure or goodtogo insurance. LV are pretty good too.

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Thank you both. My issue had been that i had no diagnosis of anything including the pfo so insurance companies were just saying no straight away. My consultant has now come back and said due to my mri results he would be happy to say a possible migraine and a pfo is a normal thing that is essentially of no consequence. I guess its good i can now get travel insurance but i dont know how i feel about the sudden shift in what he is saying as he previously said my history and symptoms was making him rule out a migraine. I never thought a migraine could still cause so many issues almost 5 months later!

@Susank it’s a difficult one. I hadcwanted to book a holiday but I was waiting test results so, like you, found insurance companies said a straight no. Frustrating but understandable.

If the consultant is happy to write his findings down that may help but i’m with you re the sudden shift. Not sure that would sit comfortably with me. If you have a PFO diagnosis & they’re not going to close it you should be able to get cover for that.

A second opinion maybe?

Yes im definitely not comfortable with it all, especially potentially taking me off the blood thinners. I dont suffer from migraines and dont feel the longer term issues like fatigue, numbness in hand and brain fog would be an issue 5 months later with a migraine. Essentially if they are diagnosing it as migraines just now at least i can get insured for my holiday. Its meeting up with my Dad, stepmum and my brother and his family for the first time in 5 years so i really dont want to cancel. My work have a benefit where we can get a second medical opinion from a private consultant once the nhs have done all their tests and given a diagnosis so if nothing changes that is an option. I guess the reality is it would be better for alot of reasons if it was just a migraine but i dont want to risk it happening again if they are wrong. Thank you so much for all your support and responding on here. It means alot, friends and family can be supportive but i dont think they really understand where im coming from, this forum and both of you have made things so much easier x

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@Susank i’ve never suffered migraines but I think it would be unusual to have effects 5 months later. If your consultant is putting it in writing you should be covered.

I really hope you get to see your family. 5 years is a long time not to have seen them. I flew 5 months after my stroke as we had a prebooked holiday & it was for my birthday so didn’t want to cancel. I just got a letter from my GP to say I was fit to fly. I didn’t need to show it but I felt better for having it.

You have a hood option for a 2nd opinion there. It would definitely be worth exploring once the NHS have done their thing.

Have a great time.

Ann xx

I had a ct and mri and they are saying the mri was normal which is why they are calling it a migraine. I guess its just a case of seeing what they say next week then waiting for the echocardiogram. Even if i get a second opinion and they say the same thing i think i will feel better about things.