Hi, my names Jane. I had a TIA on the 19th May, it was just an ordinary day up until then. It has left me feeling really anxious about it happening again, I’m on all the right meds, my HRT has been stopped, so the risk factors are low but it doesnt stop me worrying. We were due to go on holiday for my 50th, that was cancelled, I just feel like the TIA has taken things away from me. I long to feel ‘normal’ again. I have one more test to have and then go back to see the consultant for the results.


My 5 year anniversary of my TIA was last week. I was 50 when i had it. I can't claim I'm fully over it as i still have the odd memory lapse or difficulty in finding the right word. The first 6 months were the hardest. I was full of self-doubt, worry and lack of confidence.


Here's my TIA journey: https://ahacklife.style/my-second-chance/

That’s exactly how I feel, woke with a terrible headache and not feeling myself and I’m worrying in case it’s happening again, it’s crazy. I know deep down it’s just a headache but hey ho! Thank you for sharing your experience x

Hi I know how you feel, I had a dreadful headache last night, it lasted all night and this morning gone now thank goodness. I worry of it is a sign of having another stroke, also if I feel a bit unwell especially if I get tired I feel weak on my left side. It is a year since my stroke I am doing very well and back to work partime but I fo get panicky about having another one. I think all stroke survivors feel the same. Anyway enjoy this lovely sunshine  and let's smile as we are still here and able to chat on here,  it could have been so different for us all. Have a nice day.

Morning, Janemel. 

I've had a TIA and a stroke, so I know why you're worried.  You have to be brave and get back to doing all the things you love. It's easier said than done but worrying isn't the answer. My advice is to slowly get yourself going again, and when you feel under the weather from time to time, which you will, then make sure you take the time to sleep as much as possible and rest between sleeps. Basically , put your feet up ! I hope your confidence comes back soon. All the best,  Aaron. 

Hi Jane

i can relate to everything that happened to you as my TIA was very similar back in February, I had every test possible and also became anxious all the time. I called 999 on 4 different occasions each time I was fine but letting my anxiety get the better of me. 

Like you I dreaded it happening again and thought my life was over but it’s Ben nearly 6 months and although I am still anxious at times it has diminished. I take  my meds plus a prescription for anxiety which has helped me to be where I am now, back at work and living as near to normal life as possible. The forums on here helped me too and before I had  my TIA I would never have believed that it could affect me so badly and in so many ways. On the bright side and there is one it does get better, it’s made me realise how precious my life is and worrying will make it worse.

Talk to others and never be afraid to ask for help either. 111 will always advise you as will the other forum members. 

Good luck for the future and hope you feel better soon x

Hi Jane, I had a subarachnoid hemorrhage in April and like you it was just a normal day according to my husband as I don't remember it or the next 4-5 weeks. I think you have to get used to the new you and not keep looking back at what the old you could do , it is difficult as it's a life changer no doubt. I don't see my consultant until October as that will be 6 months since it happened and then will see if my anti seizure medication will be reduced or what the plan is but all I can say is I'm glad to be alive as it could've been so very different. Good luck x