Throwing a wobbly

I have a thing inside of me, a very demanding thing.
Always seeking attention, like a spoilt child.

It is either tired and throwing a tantrum or bored, like a spotty teenager, or busy, busy, busy, getting into all sorts of things and causing mayhem.

It’s the sort of thing that needs to be kept an eye on 24/7.
Know what I mean?

I’ve made a list that might occupy its attention for a bit and give me a well deserved break, a little me time, to rest and recuperate on this sunny afternoon.

So here’s my list, it should provide a distraction for an hour.

Metal detecting
Board Games
Bird watching
Tai Chi & Yoga
Home Improvement Projects

Any ideas to add to this list?
I’d be interested to hear.

keep on keepin’ on
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@Bobbi “or busy, busy, busy, getting into all sorts of things and causing mayhem”

Pre stroke, that was me. Hubby never knew what he was coming home to. He has dyslexia and likes his routines and orderliness. I was very good at creating chaos, usually with DIY projects. He loves that I’m not doing that anymore (yet😉) and that our home space is now calm and stable😆


Have you seen the analogy ‘Gorilla in your Hoiuse’ to explain acquiring a disability


Today is all about resting for me. Yesterday wiped me out but as the sun is shining it’s a perfect excuse for just sitting & enjoying tye birdsong :blush:


@Janetb been a while since I read this one :smile:


Been a while since i read that too. I’m trying very hard to tame that gorilla but he can be a but mischievous :blush:


Thank you @Trace57 @Janetb @Mrs5K @EmeraldEyes

I’ve spent years trying to address the elephant in the room, now it seems there is a requirement in addition to accommodate a gorilla. (Maybe behind the sofa?)

Look I completely sympathise on the subject of endangered species, it’s bad enough that we have lost dodos. The hairy mammoth and its young is too distressing to contemplate. The list is getting longer by the day.

However I don’t feel we need to upset ourselves about dinosaurs, they were, after all, before our time. They were very large too and didn’t leave much room for anything else. However, mushrooms always are always were and always will be.

I suppose we do have some responsibility and every time I hear David Attenborough’s voice I am overcome by feelings of guilt. It is only right.

We really should be doing something, but do they all have to come live in my house?

Maybe I could or should accommodate something small like one of those tiny Australian mice but I’m afraid the scale of this world’s problems might well overwhelm me.

It’s turning everything into a huge menagerie.

Help !!

The experts tell us:
(Being wracked with guilt is a common emotional state where an individual feels intense and overwhelming feelings of guilt, regret, and remorse. )
which doesn’t actually help.

As a very wise acquaintance, who frequently mentioned his tuit, once advised me “You should do something about it as soon as you are able to get a round tuit”.

Well, I’ve seen all sorts of tuits, I’ve searched high and low, but a round one is yet to appear.

I think I will just have to sit quietly sip my warm beer and patiently wait on this sunny afternoon.


Learn a new language
Visit a virtual museum/art gallery/whatever
Have a picnic in your garden

Some of these are crap ideas but there a few gems amongst them :wink:

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I’m sure I won’t be the only one looking that list over, but for now it will have to wait, I’m just about to spend an hour watching the telly with Hilary.

Thanks for posting @EmeraldEyes I’ll be sure to look it over as, I am sure, will many who visit here.

keep on keepin’ on
:writing_hand: :smile: :heart:

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@Janetb Brilliant! I just read it for the first time😁

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Love it @Bobbi that made me laugh out loud :rofl:

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Funnily enough, I was out today on the beach, doing some metal detecting. I found a 1958 sixpence, an odd looking rivet, a tent peg, and a thirty inch iron support that might have come from a pier. I have also begun expanding my indoor house plant collection, hunting down unique pots for them to sit in. I also have been turning my kitchen more into a herb garden, with plants I wouldn’t normally grow, like lemongrass and coriander. Often my interests come from left field … here is an example in pictures.

Above is a sock with a hole in it. Tired of having beloved socks, all too quickly, fall apart, I invested in some darning needles.

Okay, so have holy sock and needle but no yarn. Should I go out and buy some yarn? My brain quickly responds with, why buy yarn when I could make it. So, I put the word out there and ended up with someone giving me this …

But it’s broken, however, it can be fixed. So, next project is to reconstruct a spinning wheel. In the meantime, I found spinning classes, and have done several now and am confident enough to use a spinning wheel. But where do I find the wool? Well, along many of my nearby fields, sheep have, generously, discarded great swathes of it against the hedgerows and fences.

So, at last I can darn my own socks. And knowing me, I’ll offer to darn other people’s socks as well. This is often the kind of journey my hobbies take, from a little thing to a prolonged and interesting venture.



I hope you are going to make some natural dyes to tint your sock patches in varied shades.

The spinning wheel looks like a very interesting project. Next a loom to manufacture home made cloth?

I’m taking delivery of a metal detector on Wednesday. Quite excited about it but really haven’t a clue what I’m doing or where I’ll go to hunt.

Me mum taught me how to darn my own socks many decades ago. It was a necessary life skill like sewing on a button and involved those heavy needles and something made of wood the shape of a large mushroom.

Socks were made of wool in those days, before Marks and Spencers cheap socks and underwear. Oh how things change.


That sounds very intriguing!


Wow love that. I may havebto bring a load of my hubbys socks around for darning…he’s always got holy socks :socks: :grin:


Keep me updated with your treasure hunting, I look forward to hearing of some of your finds. Sometimes the best place to start is in the garden. You’ll need a trowel or something to dig with. A little tip is to not dig a rabbit’s burrow, sometimes the find is in the small pile of earth dumped next to the hole or even just below the surface. If you get hooked, the next purchase is a pinpoint detector, this allows you to fine point the object without needing to sweep again. I like to detect on all metals but some people like to set their detector to just gold or silver &c.


As long as they are washed, I’ll gladly darn them. :grin:



I am trembling with excitement. Tomorrow the detector I ordered will arrive. I have already acquired one of those buzzing pointy devices,

I also have a trowel thing, and I have a feeling in my water that somewhere in our back garden amongst the corpses of dead dogs, guinea pigs and budgies, there is a goblet long lost from Camelot in days gone by, together with a hoard of Roman coins – a mislaid ransom awaiting discovery – in a large earthenware vessel of course.

When I’ve made my fortune I will upgrade my detecting gear and range far and wide discovering never before discovered artefacts and civilisations.

All of this in our back garden, of course. No stone will remain unturned. Neighbours from far and wide will call asking me to turn over their plots.

I have indeed suddenly come over all wobbly and I am certain it isn’t the stroke this time.

We are standing at the dawn of a new but also very historic era.

I kid you not.

I have much to learn and I’m grateful for any and all suggestions, which I’ll make part of my first experiments.

Thanks for tips
So far I have:
search in garden and around house for a start
examine any spoil on surface
use trowel to dig a little
pin point detector to examine small area
try searching on all metals

I will report in with my findings and give details of the experience in general.



I believe it was Carl Sagan who said if you want to make an apple pie from scratch you need to first make the universe

I’m well used to getting further from the goal as I discover undone pre- reqs!


This is my brain you are describing, so full of very time consuming, awesome ideas, unfortunately I either focus on to the extent of forgetting all else, or leave by the wayside for the other somethings, to get back to at some point that may never come.