Still thinking of you, friend! I hope you are feeling better.

What four languages do you speak? Let me guess: English, Urdu, Hindi, and ?
(Urdu and Hindi are very similar, if not mutually intelligible with each other, no?)

Please take care. Bye for now.

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I am Punjabi by birth. Hope that gives you the idea. I understand Sairiki, Sindhi
and Farsi also.



How do you know Farsi, out of curiosity? Are there are a lot of Farsi speakers in Pakistan? I didn’t know that. Thank you!

I hope you’re doing just fine. :heart:

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Pakistan’s pathans from what was the Frontier Province speak Farsi as a second language. They often work as drivers in the large cities. When I lived in Lahore (1987-1994), my neighbors had a Pathan driver, I developed a friendship with him, through a mutual love of Charas, and he was a local retailer, for his family which manufactured and smuggled it into Pak cities, esp Lahore in the University student crowd. (I tutored local students, as my English was good) Charas excellent quality. Rizla there have no glued edge, have to innovate and do as the locals. Hookah or fill a cig which you hollow out. I should move there, with some seeds from Amsterdam and California, and get rich with local grown ganja. Apologies, off topic. I wonder if its been tried as a coping method with stroke side effects. I know folks with MS find it helpful. Maybe sometime in the future. Pain management techniques

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Thank you for answering.

Yes, your English is excellent for someone moving to the UK as an adult. I would never know you weren’t a native speaker.

Take good care, friend.


I moved to Manchester aged 9, attended baby school till 11, then secondary and then college (6th form), then Uni, got my Law Degree and worked in Law for many years. My English got better as life went on. Reading The Guardian daily helped. The girl next door in Manchester taught me much through those years, and into our late teens.

Yes there’s extensive research literature on things like Google Scholar there is extensive popular press topics even shelves in the supermarkets with products

Is also quite a bit of discussion in the threads here. Mainly related to CBD without THC and mainly relating to gummies rather than smoking - but there are both compounds within the discussions - I seem to remember that also a little bit of discussion about the actions of cannabinoids receptors that naturally reside in the body

Discussions have related to many potential themes of relief including pain