Do any of these click.
2 strokes within a month, 2 years ago

Aches and Pains, Stress, Tension and Anxiety.

I feel lost and abnormal.

Social Services stuck me in a care home, where I am the youngest inmate. (65 next birthday)
How do I escapre this mental prison


Hi Ali,

I was in hospital for 2 months, and did nothing but pray to be home. Keep calm. Work your way out, slowly improving your weakness. Can you walk, talk, use arm ? Even if you’re out, you may still be in prison, inside your own body. Have faith in your recovery.

Keep up your hope,
if you work on your health there will be a chance
wish you you best outcome, ciao, Roland


Many thanks for your kind thoughts and wishes,
I hope my life gets better sooner than later. My faith in the Almighty motivates me daily, to try and improve my condition.
I must keep making it better daily.

Regards to you


Ali, hi

that’s great. My Chinese Dr. does too, as do I, and he recently encouraged me to read the book of Job. I’m 2/3 way through, though I think I know how it ends…

Also, please allow me to remind you of Corinthians 10:13
God is faithful, and he will not let you be tested beyond your strength, but with the testing he will also provide the way out so that you may be able to endure it.

Good luck, and hope you make progress soon,
ciao, Roland


Often, feeling trapped exacerbates existing anxiety and stress, as I don’t know the specifics of your situation, I can only suggest finding ways to get out and join in on activities if the care home organises these, obviously, depending on your needs, mobility &c. It may be beneficial to be able to communicate with people outside the home, to unburden your frustrations. In the meantime, can the care home provide you with a small plot or patch to grow your own plants? Also, depends if you enjoy this kind of thing and, once again, your mobility and physical needs, but it is known well for reducing stress and anxiety, so might be worth a push. I had three months worth of six TIAs and then a bilateral cerebellar stroke, I require constant distraction to keep anxiety at bay. I’m sure some other forum users will pitch in their thoughts too.

Obviously, these aren’t methods of escape, but they may just make your time there more bearable and allow you a better headspace to focus on working out what options are available to you.



I see you joined the Zoom Open Group
If you or anyone else would like to meet online right now I have opened a session
Just click on the link to access immediately and to say Hi

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@Azhar-Ali welcome to the forum. As others have said try & find some things to occupy you that yiu ate able to do & will enjoy doing. That might be something different to what you used to enjoy.

I’m guessing your current ability level means you need to have the continual care but try & work on things to improve your abilities so that you can work towards going home. Not knowing the level you are affected makes it difficult to advise anything specific.

Best wishes.

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I manage many things on my own and need help with much more.
I had botox injections in my limbs last year, but my condition did not change.
Physiotherapy and O/T visits left me the same way as I came out of rehab
Prayers keep me going and hoping. I recite the Koran most days, The Healing verses are my daily routine, I live in hope


I see you joined the Zoom Open Group
If you or anyone else would like to meet online right now I have opened a session
Just click on the link to access immediately and to say Hi
Jitsi closed for now.

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I will join meetings via Zoom sooner or later in the hope that I can meet others who might think I am worth getting to know



I am thinking of you at this time. Somehow the sun will shine again.

When I do my meditations, I will be thinking of you, Azhar-Ali.

May you heal, may you prosper, may you be happy.

All the best!


How is your leg / arm now ? Range of motion ? Feeling ? Are you walking ? I am not (yet), except for short distances with a stick & much determination

ciao, Roland


I struggle to walk and my arm is no better.
At one time in my life I was ambidexterous
Now I am a crippled old git, who struggles to feed himself and dress and wash
Always saying thank you and appreciating the kindness of the care staff in my abode.
I could not manage much alone. Medication is a challenge as is warming up my meals and putting them on the table to eat.
Life should be easier than this.
Being divorced and rejected by one’s children is a punishment no one should have to endure
Just sharing whats in my heart.


Please share with us.

I want you to know that, no matter what, all people eventually suffer in the end, friend – they really do. Unite your suffering with the suffering of others.

Don’t give up. Right now, things seem impossible, but, things always end up changing. Who knows? – things might really improve for you somehow.

People with strokes are not delusional about impermanence, as they know that life can change in a second.

Don’t shy away from talking to us. We will listen and support you. But, one thing you cannot do is give up.

I understand your pain and hopelessness. I know you feel trapped and that you’re in a mental prison. I know this. I am sorry. I give you my deepest compassion .

Things will get better somehow. Keep your chin up, despite the terrible pain and sadness.



I am grateful for all the kind thoughts and wishes.
My pain is not for sharing. It is mine to suffer and learn from.

All of you are kind souls, all caring and giving people. If only the planet was populatedwith clones of the caring and giving souls that inhabit forums like this one

Regards and love to you all



Please continue to share with us. I want to hear from you. I sincerely wish that you get better.

We all suffer, friend. It’s part of life.

May you heal and be happy.

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I hope all members of the forum who share and wish well for others prosper and find reasons to smile.

I am 65 almost and cannot remember when I had a reason to smile, or laugh about anything.
Television is my only company and way of knowing what goes on.
So often wish, there was someone to talk to and share afew moments of a conversation about life.


You will smile again, friend. Just keep going forward. I know you’re in so much pain. It’s okay, though. Many people are in the same boat as you.

Wishing you the very best. Please keep talking to us.


Thank you Matthew

I am still paralysed down my right sidw, and unlike my earlier life, I type with just my left hand.

I will keep writing and sharing as life goes by.



Hi @Azhar-Ali and welcome the forum by they, you just sort snuck in there :wink: Anyway, I just thought if you would like to chat with some in person, you could always contact the Stroke Association and have them set you up for a weekly call from a fellow stroke survivor volunteer Weekly volunteer calls | Stroke Association if you can manage a phone yet. I’m sure a member of staff in your home would be happy to help you fill out the form if you can’t manage it :slightly_smiling_face:

You say you had your strokes 2 years ago, so is that roughly how long you’ve been in the care home, or is it a rehab unit? Have you not made friends with anyone else in the home you can socialise with?

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