The struggle to mend

Hi group,
I’m not going to make a fuss like last time ; just an update
My glute continues on its cycle of locked / free every 24 or 48 hours
Right now it’s locked tight and will reset either tonight or tomorrow night
Yesterday it was free and relaxed.

I can’t find anyone who can help me, and I’m stumped and can’t find a solution.
I do various exercises to try and tame it, but it is a muscle embedded deep, and there’s no way I can feel it. It’s nowhere near the surface. My piriformis muscle? Psoas muscle? Gluteus max / med / min ? It has a mind of its own.

Hope others are doing okay,
good luck, Roland


Feel for you @pando i don’t have any suggestions but i really hope it improves over time for you.


There are a few things on you tube Roland. This any use to you ?


Hi Roland @pando ,
Do you have access to a treadmill?

The reason that I ask is that my calf and entire thigh/glutes have been locked for about 8 months now (along with bicep/tricep and forearm) however they are all slightly easing since i’ve decided to just grin and bear the pain whilst doing about an hours fairly steady rate (circa 3.5mile/hr) session every morning. Gets me well onto my 10,000 steps/day target too


Pando-- I had a lot of muscle cramping after my stroke. Two things helped me. I added a magnesium supplement to my diet. I take 200 mg magnesium glycinate(Have to take this kind as is more easily absorbed or else I get loose bowls) every day. If the spasms get bad at night, I take CBD Oil drops under the tongue. Jeanne

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Nigel hi,
ah bob & brad

I’ve tried that rarely, mainly because turning upside-down disorientates me due to my lack of proprioception. But I will certainly try it, thx for the heads up

Thx llareggub,
Then your advice is invaluable. How long ago was your stroke ?
How can you manage a treadmill ( and 10,000 steps … well done ) if you had locked thigh/glutes for 8 months? When I say locked, I mean that a muscle (unknown which one exactly) is contracted on maximum, locked for hours on end.

I will try and get to the gym, then to use a treadmill
Do you have one in the house? if so what make & model ?
Fingers crossed, Thanks a bunch, Roland

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hi Jeanne, thx for tips,

Mg and CBD oil already my thing… daily
What time do you take magnesium ? I take it 1/2 hour after dinner, 7.30pm ish

ciao, Roland

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@pando Roland, it seems Kusal favors massage as a means to loosen stiff muscles. Perhaps help bring feeling back? The glutes are a large muscle that would need lots of deep tissue massage. I hate the feeling when sitting in a chair, I can only feel my left “cheek”. the right glute is numb, tingly. What a rotten feeling. My cousin is a deep tissue massage therapist for the Rutgers football team (American football). He lives a good distance away, but wants to try and help me. Can’t wait to get on his massage table.
Have you looked at the “thumper hand-held massagers” ? I’m thinking of ordering one and using it on myself. Maybe someone here has tried one?
Keep working at it Roland and best of luck. Godbless,


You have a TENS/EMS machine don’t you? That will probably have a similar effect to the thumper massager, I know mine does.

Mine has 6 massage modes and when I increase the intensity level to nearly the max with just 2 electrodes on, it really packs a punch to the muscle I’m working on…usually the outer right thigh.

I usually only use it for an hour once or twice a week for that particular spot. But it might be worth you to try doing at least twice daily, for an hour each time, for a couple weeks to see what effect it has. Bear in mind the number of electrodes you use, the more you have on the weaker the intensity from the device. So you reach max intensity if you were to 4 electrodes; and max intensity may not be nearly enough with say 6 or 8 electrodes. My devices has 4 output connectors so I can use a max of 8 electrodes but I only ever use 4 electrodes max for that reason.

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We have the same right glute then, Derek
Yes, i have 2x hand held thumper ( mine are a different name )
I do rate them

Actually I don’t have a TENS EMS machine, but I’m going to ask my physio tomorrow about these


Have you been able to speak with a PT for this? I wish I could tell you what the name of the kind of ‘voodoo’ they did for me was. However, I had a similar issue after a fall and most of my therapy for the shoulder and arm were exercises but at the end of each session she did a type of tissue massage, but the thing that really helped was digging her thumb deep into my armpit to reach a particular point. Sounds weird, and it is quite unpleasant . The result was good, though. I believe she only had to do it on two different occasions, possibly three. Perhaps you can find someone who knows what they are manipulating and why to help you in that way?


I have a massage hook for that sort of thing, it’s a god send for digging deep, particularly in hard to reach places…but also spares my hands. :smile:


Roland-- I take my magnesium with my lunch. Also, Roland, what type of mag. do you take. Some are not well absorbed. Also, maybe you need a little more mg of the CBD than you are taking–just a thought. Jeanne

I take Magnesium Glycinate for that purpose, absortion. Recommended by my D.O.

thx jeanne,
i take liposomal Mg ; what make do you take ?
good idea…i will step up the CBD on the bad days

today I’m good, but when it’s crisis time I forget all the finer details
so best to make a note now, while i’m calm and collected

thx again, Roland


hi Emerald,
Ah, i see several hooks and odd shaped gadgets on Amazon
I will investigate, thx, Roland

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Hi Roland @pando ,

My Stroke was in the early hours of 28th September last year. It was a bleed centred on the right thalamus and extending into the mid-brain.

Cause: completely unknown (I check my BP regularly and I’m always on the low side of normal; CT/MRI showed no malformations/aneurysms or tumours; no sudden trauma, I was in bed and woken by the pain of the bleed).

Impacts: I lost all sensation on left side (both external sensations such as touch and taste and internal sensations i.e. proprioception) although these got replaced by pain starting after a few days – my theory is new pathways are being established but as these new pathways don’t come with any experience then the brain is just playing it safe and trying to protect me by routing all of the signals (be they driven by external factors such as touch/temperature or internal proprioception signals) to the pain centre. Along with the “normal” pain I get intense bands of pain around arms/legs in various locations and locking of certain muscle groups.

How do I unlock these muscle groups so that I can walk?: My exercise routine starts as soon as I wake with stretching exercises in bed (so that I can at least walk to the loo) and some normally floor based exercises such as bridges. Then up and more aggressive stretches followed by a barrage of exercises focussed on balance and shoulder. More stretches focussed on legs (using a yoga stretching strap) before getting on to the treadmill. I start the treadmill on a slow pace and initially have to “pendulum” my leg to get it going. As the muscle groups loosen up a little, I increase the speed up to about 3.5 mph (this is a fairly rapid walking speed but I have always walked quickly so it feels right to me, on the right side at least).

As for the 10,00 steps, this is still a target and I’m nowhere near it yet (although I have manged 12,000 steps in a day). I started step counting when I was able to stand the pain of wearing a watch again back at the end of April. As I knew that there would be good days and bad days (plus Sunday rest and now work ramping back up) I set myself the milestone of achieving an average of 3,000 steps a day during May. As I achieved this I upped the target for June to 4,000 (achieved) and will be increasing it on a monthly basis so the 10,000 steps average daily target comes up in December.

Yep I have a treadmill at home (had it about 10 years). It is a superseded Reebok model (Reebok i-Run). It is a fairly basic model compared to modern machines and the key reason that we selected it is due to the fairly small packed away dimensions as we don’t have room for it to be out all day. It is fairly heavy to move and set up each morning but I just claim that as part of my exercise quota. You can pick them up for about £150 used on e-bay (always collection only) although I did just note that there is a new (open box customer return) more up to date model (i-Run 3) on e-bay at the moment for £329 delivered if you are after a compact model.

Below link has review of the one I have with a link to the i-Run 3 model too:

Take care

Rich C.


Hi Roland --I order my mag. from Amazon. It is Doctors Best Magnesium Glycinate Lysinate 100% chelated. I also found that for myself that some days my usual dose of CBD worked (for me 20 mg) and other days I had to double it. (40 mg). So, anyway, hope it all resolves in a good way for you. Jeanne


This is the one I have.