The Stroke advert

I saw the stroke advert on Channel 4, it was quite emotional.  I wish there was someway to include a short bit about after effects of a stroke and understanding how a stroke effects people.  As I feel that many people who look at us and say Oh you look good, can't understand the turmoil we go through every day post stroke.

Totally agree Wendy. The lack of understanding is massive. I didnt know anything about stroke, beyond the likelihood of an older person ending their days when a stroke gets them. When I was on the ward, paralysed, I had no idea that I might be able to move again. I think things are slowly changing. At last.


Well said I can totally relate to that - like you I thought strokes only happened to old or inactive people - when I was in icu one of the health care assistants told me that she was also a stroke survivor and talking to her gave me hope.

Hi Wendy,

It is funny how people se each other and their disabilities. As a stroke survivor I have been told on numerous occasions how well I look. At first I felt, yes, but you can't see whats going on inside my brain or body. But now i take it as a big compliment and think yes I am doing well and look forward to each new day as a new challenge.