The magnet trick

This is my first post. I had a hemorrhagic stroke in my cerebellum caused by a non-hereditary AVM at the age of 45 over 6 years ago. I have tremors. I use this method in order to turn screws without losing a bunch. My occupational therapists never mentioned this so I believe this is new.

I thought it could potentially help anyone with tremors which is why I’m sharing.


Hi @UnionSquareComputers
Welcome to the forum. Sorry you had cause to join.

We all have to find and adapt ways to work with our post stroke challenges :slight_smile:
Thanks for sharing yours :slight_smile:

Are you aware that there are many cheap screwdrivers on Amazon with the magnet already built in? Both as hex bits or as ordinary drivers with a handle - these are particularly suited to laptop repairs

There are also companies who specialise in aids- all sorts of imaginary imaginable stuff! The simple stuff are things like kitchen & eating aids - eg chopping boards that will hold things still when youve only got one hand. Key turners when you have not strong enough grip to just turn a key ( I guess these are more universal needs cuz not many of us take laptops apart! Although I have done it once)

How is your recovery been going beyond the inventive attachment of a magnet to your screwdriver :slight_smile:



@UnionSquareComputers Hi & welcome to the group. Hope your stroke recovery is going well.
All useful tips & hints to help others in their recovery journey are welcome.

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Hi @UnionSquareComputers just popped in to welcome you to the forum and to thank you for the useful tip. Any more like that I’m sure will be welcomed here :smile: