The life inside my head

The title of this post is the names of a podcast on the BBC Sounds app. It is a two part program and is well worth listening to.


Thanks for the heads up :slight_smile:

I Haven’t listened to it yet but the URL for those who might like to is

Two 28 min episodes by a survivor who had their stroke 29 years ago!


Hi Andy Thanks for sharing that, I will listen to it when I’m home alone and it’s peaceful.

Regards Sue

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Thank you for the podcast and @SimonInEdinburgh for providing the link.
As always with these things, they tend to send me wandering all over the internet and listening to other other interviews…and nothing else gets done :laughing:

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Glad you enjoyed them. If you find others that might be interesting please share them. Andy


Thanks so much for signposting these podcasts. I have just listened to the two episodes and they were excellent. It was great to hear about people’s experiences that whilst different in some ways also echoed mine. The second episode which focussed on rehab was also really interesting.

I was however genuinely intrigued by the conversation around the improving standards of hospital care especially regarding emergency admission. My experience was very different, and from reading this forum it would appear so for others (and not in a good way - difficulty or delay in diagnosing well beyond the magic 3-4hrs etc). I am curious whether this is as a result of the differences in quality of treatment outside of London or whether it is a result of us now being in 20023/24 - after COVID, as opposed to 2015 when this podcast was produced.

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Rufus, i was taken to Bournemouth hospital after my stroke and got attended to straight away. i spent about 5 weeks there and then transferred to Lymington Stroke Ward. Lymington was outstanding. the staff and care provided was first class. couldn’t have asked for better.


Few tidbits from the two episodes… and there was a lot of stuff that really won’t be a surprise to anybody who’s read much in this forum

In the UK strokes are:

120-150k p.a of which 30k deaths pa
30% of stroke survivors report having had missed symptoms of TIAs == 1,000 per week
25% in the under 65s
48% become severely depressed

1/3rd commonest cause of death after heart disease & cancer

“Messages of not being put out there enough [hello SA?]” &

“Clinical practise lags behind what is known from research” &

“[Recovery starts with] 6wks chemical chaos in the brain” &

” [just the deaths are] equivalent to a fully laden Boeing 747 crashing and killing everybody… Every week " just think how hard investigations would be pursued to stop just one of those happening again! Let alone 3 or unimaginably 30


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