The brain is a wonderful organ

These were the words of the neurologist, soon after I was diagnosed with a stroke in the cerebellum. That was hope and it proved to be true, as the brain re-learns new ways... if you teach it (for example, specific repetitive exercises).

The neurologist said I was lucky, because if the nerves to the heart or lungs were affected, I would have died immediately.

The immediate after-effect is the my right side was affected and I stumbled when I walked in hospital (I couldn't walk 3 metres to the bathroom), I struggled to swallow food and my left hand couldn't differentiate between hot or cold.

I'm 67 and live in South Africa, drank rarely, never smoked, ate healthly, played golf regularly and worked hard. Also,I was in the middle of a university short course which, by the grace of God, I managed to complete successfully. But now I have to take a whole bunch of pills daily... and I never liked medicine!

Today, four months later, I'm working hard again, I'm playing golf again (even though my swing was affected slightly) and my walking is almost normal... but I can't figure out properly, with my left hand, if a beer is warm or cold (only kidding about the beer, as I don't drink).

The moral of the story is hope: suffering a stroke is bad, but it is mostly recoverable with help, patience and determination. All the best, everyone!

Thank you for your story Manny and glad you have returned to a more familiar life. I agree with you about the brain and agree with you. It is also important to note the fact that you emphasise repetitive exercise. I am older than you, so have found that I need to exercise more and more repetitively. However, I feel I have made good progress with more to come.

WE need to exercise our bodies and our brains. I'm very please that you are improving.

One factor not to be forgotten, is the diet... the type and quality of food we eat... I found this to be very important. Also the quantity of food, usually too much, needs to be considered.