Thank you nhs staff

Dear All,

I have been doing a lot of research recently on lots of things as my conditions allow.

As I don’t get out that much I have some time occasionally in between hospital and GP and other appointments.

So that is really my point.

I have been watching a few things such as ambulance and their difficulties on that bbc show and other stuff and things on youtube stuff etc. and following strikes and frustrations of staff.

A personal example is that I saw 2 surgeons at around 7pm on a day last month and they decided I needed surgery - booked me in and the next day at 7.30am when I got to the day surgery ward they were both there and reassured me and were so lovely even though they were nearly at the end of a 14 hour shift.

I have noted just how the NHS staff respond to how a patient reacts to them.

I have to confess that I haven’t always been the best patient in the past but now I try.

My top tip is to buy a big bag non expensive (it’s the thought that counts) of quality street / lollipops / mini choc bars (always wrapped!) or something and every time you get an unexpected (or even expected) NHS ambulance / hospital whatever…


Say thanks and you appreciate the care and please, I don’t have much to offer but would you like a couple of chocolates or lollipops.

Honestly it works for me as selfishly I feel a 50p treat compensates for what they do for me…

I’m sorry to offend anyone with this. And I’m not trying to tell anyone what to do. I just find they appreciate a gesture!


Keep on trucking peeps


You’re right, please, thank you and a smile breaks any barrier and picks up those hard working professionals.

Trying to be nice goes a long way :slight_smile:


@KGB i agree. I usually send a thank you card to ward staff - they usually have tonnes of chocs. I always say thank you even if i’ve been there ages and not got the treatment i would have hoped.

I am a big believer it is the system not the staff that is the problem with the NHS. There will always be an odd member of staff who isn’t great but in the main they all work very hard & do their best for you. Yes, mistakes happen but they’re all human - it is just annoying if that mistake affects you.


Unfortunately just had to have some paramedics round as 111 insisted on an ambulance.

They wanted to take me to a&e at 3am. I know I’d get some priority but even I would struggle with getting seen in less than 4 hours at the moment I reckon. I politely declined. So I will consult GP tomo and then go to a&e, again, for the 5th time in 6 weeks if I have to. But that’s not important. I say to death - NOT TODAY.

I apologised for wasting their time which they rebuffed but they accepted the lollipops and thanked me for being polite. I thanked them for all they do and told them to f off and go help someone who needs it more than me.

I will be ok - just some stress causing a bit of hypertension (well a sustained HT crisis reading for a few hours) but I’ve got a chill playlist on and a mug of hot chocolate and I’m hoping I can sleep soon.

Hope everyone is ok.



Sorry to hear you had to call the paramedics out. Hope you are feeling a lot better now & that your GP was able to help without the need for you to visit A&E

Take care.



Thanks Mr5k I actually have now been told 4 times by 111, the paramedics and the gp twice that I need to go to a&e.

I say NO.

9 times in 3 months is enough for me and they want to do a CT scan as I may have had another and whack a cannula in my arm and monitor me for 24-48 hours with something like nitroprusside?! Never heard of it.

So I have signed and appreciated the advice and said I am aware of the risks.

They have provided me with something - some tablets - I don’t know what and I have a friend getting that for me now.

I have had 3 strokes and I know I haven’t had another one despite what thhey say.

I am sorry to be stubborn and belligerent and I don’t want anyone to follow my example please.

Sorry just having a bad day.

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I can understand you not wanting to visit A&E again after so many visits it’s not the best place to be but is where we need to be sometimes. ultimately it is a personal choice whether you go or not. Sounds like you are fully aware of the risks. i hope your current issues settle soon & that tomorrow is a better day.


This is what google says it is

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GP gave me emergency presc Amlodipine 10mg and told me to take 2 a day. It’s helping a bit!!

Thanks @EmeraldEyes

GP monday 10.10

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Ah that might explain why hospital wanted put a cannula in you, to give you the nitroprusside and monitor your blood pressure in order to get it under control.

sorry if this upsets anyone xx

Sorry lovely people I am a bit stressed today and that’s not exactly what I need now!!

I have had a bit of a annoying GP visit today and I could bother to go into details and try and emulate the ridiculously eloquent wrods of elle and rups and simon but I can’t so I will say:


GP because of v high bp over last couple of weeks. I know why - various things and got some pills last week.

BUT still had two ambulances over the last 4 days and the last one I did not want I called 111 to ask about whether I could take more of the Amlodipine and asked to speak to a clinician.

The very nice lady Alex said I’m sorry based on your answers I have to call an ambulance to me.

I said listen please. I just want to speak to a doctor. No disrespect but you are not a doctor and I am not in cardiac arrest or having another stroke.

So they came I apologised and gave them redvines and lollipops and mini polar bears etc and said sorry. They said ok we get it and unfortunately no you cant have anymore of that. So I put on some bob dylan. I digress.

But I hate the fact that I wasted 2 hours of ambulance time as a cat 2 when I should only have been cat 3 at best and didn’t even want one anyway.

GP today said ok well it’s not great so lets do:

kidney ultrasound

Hypertension consulatant referral




Come back next week

5 BP readings a day please.

Just always something else at the moment!!!

Sorry I dont want to moan!

BP averaging 160/100 today so I can cope with that.

Now literally just trying to relax and have a nap.



Unfortunately for you, your high BP leads to Neuroticism:
The irritability and anger effect I know very well from before I was diagnosed with BP 8yrs ago. I could feel that way over something and nothing at all and was forever biting my tongue because I knew I was being totally irrational. Once my BP was finally under control I mellowed out, I once again became the calm and even tempered person I used to be.

The neuroticism starts a viscous cycle as it can raise your BP further. So that is one thing you really do need to get under control before your heart gives out.

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Well I think you’re pretty eloquent :slight_smile:

You’re more than welcome to have a rant or whatever makes you feel better. Think of a happy place - Is that West ham’s ground when you’re 5-1 up in the 89th minute against arsenal? West Ham is the only ground that I’ve actually been to a football match at and I was born in East ham

What meds are you on?

I’ve got candisatan for blood pressure. I believe the guidelines are dosage up to 32 mg a day?
I take 16 .

I used to have a beta blocker that was also for blood pressure cuz it slowed my pulse down but my pulse is normally only about 60 so gp stopped that one but if your blood pressure is up in the 160/100 and those scribed pictures You posted had your heart rate next to them at around 100 and something then my non-medically trained ignorance would wonder that maybe it would be relevant but then there are all host of other things

And then again the medics don’t actually tell you all the bits and pieces that are affecting what treatment you could have



[[Edit - now I see the wise @EmeraldEyes has given a more knowledgeable possibility than me ]]


I’m not at all knowledgeable Simon nor medically qualified. Just plain old common sense, upbringing and personal experiences :wink: Think I’m going to have to join one of your zoom meetings so you can see for yourself :laughing:


Thanks both @EmeraldEyes and @SimonInEdinburgh

You are both very knowledgeable.

They have given me some Amlodipine and then I am waiting for the referral and the ultrasound. got other meds - just the usual bllod thinners, iron, b12 etc. and some other stuff for copd etc.

Just had an argument with my housemate for various reasons.

GP also wouldn’t let me leave this morning after the appointment - waited in the waiting room with a thing on my finger - until my pulse was below 100. I am sorry to say it didn’t but did get to 100 so I said 95 and got my cab home - I know I know.

I’m just trying to chill more now and my housemate has realised and gone to the garden thankfully.

My happy place is in the arctic on a boat on an expedition cruise searching for polar bears in the pack ice!! :smiley: :dotted_line_face: :wink: :polar_bear:

PLA03-23, Day 5, 20230612_100508 © Unknown photographer - Oceanwide Expeditions.jpg

I’ll do another one in a few mins but my housemate did really push my inner bear to growl loudly. No claws thankfully :wink:


@KGB i’m no expert but your BP & pulse are high & i know it’s frustrating when you’ve had enough of medical appointments & visits to A&E but they are just trying to ensure you stay safe & well.

Sounds like your GP has everything covered for now. Lowering your stress levels could help too.

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@KGB i’m no expert but your BP & pulse are high & i know it’s frustrating when you’ve had enough of medical appointments & visits to A&E but they are just trying to ensure you stay safe & well.

Sounds like your GP has everything covered for now. Lowering your stress levels could help too.

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Your image of polar ice has me tripping down memory lane :grinning:

I used to volunteer on a website called Tomnod that used crowdsourcing to identify objects and places in satellite images. This was just one of many I pulled from the satellite images we were working on searching for Weddell Seals in Antarctica :smile:


Wow so cool!! Literally and figuratively!!

Where are the seals in that pic?!

Sorry I just realised i’ve got dust on my laptop screen!! ha ah