I'm worried but shouldn't be

Dear All,

My JP - my best friend and primary carer / person I shout at - @j.p.mac - is going to have a little operation tomorrow. It will be fine.

and @Sass

You have done me a world of good today so thanks

I have given him instructions - he may or may not have needed them but I did them anyway - and I will pick him up with a friend and it will be fine. and I will take some lolliops for the staff and maybe a couple of mini polar bears for the cool ones. I will take Kush for JP.

I am ready and prepared of course.


He is having a general and even though it’s only day surgery and no complications expected - I’m sure he won’t mind me sharing it’s a medium benign lump being removed from his back…

It will be fine!!! and it’s all planned but Now I am scared for him and I’m also scared for me as I don’t know what I’d do without him at the moment… I’m so selfish


You are what I am taking about - my favourite 79 year old

Who will I shout at?!?!?

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But Ashley will help and I am strong like a polar bear.

Kieran :polar_bear: :wink:

I am also worried that next week he will be in some pain and I am ****** so it’ll be the strokey partially sighted leading the incapacitaed for a few days :rofl: :rofl:

my BP is stable arounf DIA 95ish so ok so now to try and go to bed in the next two hours

ps will do my beard balm in case of nurses!! K


@Moonie66 cheers for the advice :motorcycle: :wink: :rofl: :polar_bear:


Now you have gone and made me laugh! I suggest a little chocolate to take along as well, but to be honest with you, most of my nurses were male, and doctors female. I know nothing of your preferences, and they aren’t my business, but be conscious of what messages you are putting on display!

To JP, speedy recovery: To you, Thank you for the laugh. It set the right tone for the eulogy I’m getting back to writing now!

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Chocolate added to my list :polar_bear: :wink:

You do know my preferences :rofl: but I am not a judgemental person as you know my American crush (I’m just sorry we both are unlikely to be able to go on a real date anytime with each other soon given our location and health restrictions :two_hearts: :wink: :roll_eyes: :rofl:). But I am heterosexual and don;t care what anyone else is or what they call themselves. The GPBITS does not judge

I can still get my flirt on with a handsome male nurse - just a flirt :rofl: :wink: if it helps my JP it helps and if it makes a NHS nurse feel good it helps.

xx :polar_bear: :wink:


Well now, yes I can understand ALL your concerns, it happens to everyone doesn’t it? Unless of course you’ve hit superhuman level, but I don’t think it exists (least ways I haven’t found it an I’ve been searching forever).
As to shouting? Well to be honest try not to shout at anyone you know. I’ve actually got to apologise to the Ward Manager, Consultant and head of the Rehab team. You’ll feel justified at the time but howlingly embarrassed afterwards, so worse in the long run. I’d pick all the panel on Question Time and tell everyone what their failings are, but then again, I don’t listen to my own advice.
The main thing is, you care for jp, so be strong for him, just as strong as he is for you. You’ll then feel better (as well as a bit nervous), but right now concentrate on him.
BTW we have a family meeting on Thursday. Result or what?.
Take care. Oh, and my other half has visual problems too, but he’s had his for 85 Yeats :smile_cat:




This is exactly what I am trying to say…

I like polar bears and three people (JP doesn’t count as Kush is a snow leopard and snow leopards I also like (can’t get a tapestry that says polar bears and snow leopards and fits -even 6’ by 6’ as mine are are too small … ) and are not people and JP and Kush are the same in my mind) - sorry if that makes no sense

so the 3 are :polar_bear:

you @Shelbo ,

@DeAnn my American long distance girlfriend (yes @DeAnn I put a label on it - not saying we have to be 100% exclusive - there are those potential nurses :rofl:)

and my 95 year old next door neighbour Roy (windrush from Jamaica :jamaica: originally and is cool as - I gave him a big polar bear and he likes him and has called him @Bobbi - Bobbi) who I buy a small watermelon for every week.

BUT - that does not mean that I don’t LOVE all of you. Like / love… different

yeh Im sorry but you have made that.

gotcha I do the same.

I am trying - got it all worked out!!

Boom!!! :champagne: :champagne: :champagne: :two_hearts: :two_hearts: :polar_bear: :polar_bear:

131/88 best so far in 48 hours wahoo!!! because of @Shelbo xx


JP at the Royal London.

I have planned and organised JP.

This will be ok.


:polar_bear: :wink:

I love you - be ok - I’m not used to being the one worrying about you - well unless you count not putting the washing up away…


Sleeping Snow Leopard Photograph by Arterra Picture Library - Pixels


Just finished writing my piece. Any news from JP yet?


Any news?

In the meantime Here is a picture


@KGB hope all went well for JP and you are now a little less worried for him.

@SimonInEdinburgh love thar picture :grin:


Thanks all.

Well you can plan and plan but an hout ago JP sent me a message saying nothing has happened yet… Now he’s just called and will be prepped and go under the knife in 30 mins or so and they hae asked him to order his food for after which will be about 6 so I expect to go get him 7ish now…

Just waiting for him to have it and confirm he’s ok and I’ll be more relaxed!!! Kush is now in bits ha ha but I’ve stopped stressing thankfully.

Ashley my friend is on her way round here now - was gonna meet me at the Royal London…

Be ok JP - you will be!!! :pray: :pray: :pray:GPBITS

:polar_bear: :polar_bear: :polar_bear:

Sleeping Snow Leopard - Picture This Framing & Gallery



Love the pic too of course…

How’s the weather in Edinburgh?!

It’s about 23 and some sunshine here in London with a gentle breeze :wink: :polar_bear:


Bloody awwwwful
Constant heavy rain when we went to the farmers market this morning.
in fact the market was pretty no rained off.
half the stalls were empty

So we’re in front of the telly with YouTube currently Spanish guitar and waterfalls and a fire :fire: with a cat in a basket


Oh dear!!!

As Kate Kinsella said yesterday it really is a weekend of two halves of the country apparently!!!

Here is mini polars telling Kush it’ll be ok on the windowsill in the sunshine :wink: :polar_bear:


Right come on JP you should be in recovery now - I expect a call soon.

@ashleyhk38 is on her way to my house but she wants to have a drink with the rugby so will have to get a cab to get JP. fair enough.


:wink: :polar_bear: :pray:


That will depend on how long it takes him to come out of the anaesthetic, everyone is different. So stop worrying, when we wakes up they might give him some tea and toast or something, he could also be too busy flirting with the nurses…wouldn’t you be :wink: :rofl: So chill awhile :smile:



I can happily report that it was successful and JP is back with his snow leopard!!

K :wink: :polar_bear:

And relax

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I’m confused
you said you could see the lump through his jeans
how does he wear his jeans around his neck?


I’m not taking a pic of the scar lower down!! He got BOGOF today they whipped out the little one on his neck too!!

K :wink: :polar_bear:


Glad all went ok. Now time for you both to relax x


You DIA should be down around 75 now then shouldn’t it :smile:

So glad you’ve got your JP back, now we can all breath again. . .did he pull while he was in there :rofl: