Text about PIP

Got a text yesterday saying I got PIP. Guess the letter will say which level etc?


I believe so. Often the money is in your bank before you get the letter.

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My letter stated the breakdown of the levels. It is also an important document to keep. My letter stated I was entitled to enhanced level on the mobility component. When I applied for a disability bus pass a copy of that letter was all I needed to qualify and it made my bus pass application much easier and quicker.

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I guess this is the question if I got the higher rate

My letter also said the points awarded for each category which was useful for seeing if they had understood (& recorded accurately) the things said in the assessment

Hi RaksP, when did you apply for PIP, in other words how long did it take from you making the application to getting your text?

Hello Elmer, not RaksP, but I have also just been awarded PIP. It took exactly 15 weeks from the day I claimed until they made the decision, but please bear in mind, this was possibly a little longer than usual, because of postal strikes during December and the Chritmas holidays. I think the completed form got to them at the beginning of January and was decided at the end of February.

RaKsP. I got my text last Tuesday and the backdated payment hit my bank on the Friday. I was able to work out my award from the back payment, but the letter explaining my points and official confirmation of the award came same day you got your text.

Applied in January had telephone appointment on 27th feb and got text on 7th March got first payment a few days later and letter a week or so later