I have read that stroke heightens the emotional state and I find the oddest of things start me weeping only slightly, wish I had greater control, it will come back but like so much in this journey it is a long waith with faith and hop, if more improvement came from spontaneous recovery o would cop better but my brain is in no rush to give me a more operational life.


I haven’t got a strategy, a coping mechanism, something to make it better, the answer.

There is a place here where you can say exactly how you feel, what you see and how you deal with it, for better or worse.

There are sympathetic, non-judgemental ears here, you know no matter how hard it is to express what you have to say, you will be understood.

You are not alone. It is a good thing to let it out.

There are plenty of us here with lots to say, much to share.

I’ll take a break now, keep on keeping on.


(by the way, been there with those intense emotional episodes. It is probably an experience we all share from time to time.)


I have found a heightening of emotion (tearful) post stroke. I dont know why but it doesn’t bother me. One thing that gets me is hearing national anthems being played and particularly the Scottish one!


I also have heightened emotions post stroke. Emotional liability it is called. I can cry over nothing these days.
I try not to let it bother me and just let the tears flow. I think a good cry is good for the soul from time to time.
I just tell others that it’s an effect of my stroke & then they don’t seem to be bothered by it.

Thanks Bob, I will express myself in the appropriate forum area, I find it builds and eventually vents through years, . If I could se a bit more progress than currently happening I could see a path to a more operational me. The static plateau is soul destroying to say the least.gare point Mrs5k and just the way I seem to feel better but it doesn’t help my family to see me in distress so I moderate as best as I ca , my dear wife prefers I stay strong she worries enough without seeing me blubbering and con it so I have a good cry every once in a while but not do much as to make herjoin in.

Already on with it the jubilee parade has got me in floods ever expected to be disabled during the jubilee and going forward.

Last nights jubilee concert had me in tears. Found it very emotional. It’s such a big event and represents so much its hard not to et emotional. xx

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Same here for me the procession was very emotional especially when Ed Sheeran song a tribute to the queen and Prince Phillip. All ver moving. I want to be well before she sadly leaves us

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It reminds me of my pre stroke life and fills me with dread on what life I will get back in the future full of tears and sorrow

@mrfrederickson keep strong & fingers crossed your life will return to something like it was before. It’s so difficult when life changes in an instant through no choice of our own. I am telling myself that I need to embrace the new me & that it’s not necessarily a bad thing that I’ve had to make some changes. Still find it difficult to accept that I can’t do the things I wanted to this year. Slowly but surely I’m starting to get used to things & I hope that you find this too. Best regards xx

Thanks I am slowly accepting and adjusting but thinking of getting support from a private physio specialist in neuro rehab as my NHS support has stopped, may be a kick start in recovery is what I need som structure?


Not sure how long ago you had your stroke but could you get referred back to physio by your GP?

I do find some structure helps me. There are some great resources online for exercises & the stroke association recently did some exercise videos (Link below). I found these useful & helped me reinvigorate my exercise regime as I’d become a bit bored of repeating same stuff.


Thanks very much you are a star will pick up the physio piece withe GP at our next check in but may check out the neuro physio in my town and may get a n assessment of my current pstate of recovery not happy with the after caste physio package, gone dead quiet and has rumoured to have finished the job completely

That sounds like a good way forward. Best of luck with it

Thanks for your help,will update as I know more.

Today I visited a cousin who had a stroke two days ago. When I took her hand she wept. This made me emotional too. Stroke is a dreadful experience so heightened emotions are to be expected.

Yes they are more heightened and to the fore trying to keep a lid on it is impossible so I don’t I let it happen feel better afterwards

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I too have post stroke heightened emotions. I can cry at the most silliest of things, even someone on tv crying can set me off. I call them “my stroke tears” when friends or family ask . It does not bother me, sometimes it’s a good way to leave where I am and go home.

I too cry very easily now. I have just been told by my physio that I have made so much progress now that I no longer need help. Practice is what I now need. I was discharged from therapy and I cried tears of joy. How do you explain to people who have not experienced stroke? Lilian

Great news Lilian worth a few years to celebrate that stage, I am looking at a private physio as the NHS have dropped off my rehab and abandoned me sadly.