I guess it doesn’t need any explanation. People will be able to see clearly that you are happy with your progress. It gives us all hope.

Hi mrfederickson , You my not think your not making process but i bet Family and friends and see more you have just Gotta keep on trying all the best Martin

Even 13 years after my stroke I still have occasions that I get emotional and tearful
It seems to be a common symptom post-stroke .
I used to get impatient and frustrated by my clumsiness and inability to do simple things but I have learned to relax and take my time,to rest when I am fatigued ,and I generally I cope with most aspects of my life.
Good luck on your journey

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Thanks Martin you are so right, I am a results driven person so expect change if consistent hard work is put in sadly the provemenys are so slight after long spells of exercise active an passive. If only I could make a breakthrough on pain and mobility, going to get the opinion of a private neuro Phys

Great advice Tony all credit to you and something I wish I could say I manage

Hi feeling it today ,
The feeling of wanting to cry at every thing today im coming up for 8 weeks post stroke still early days I know but I’ve been ok but today I so tearful,I think it’s where I’ve gone back to doing a bit of work as I run my own ironing service have done for 10 years in August, and not been able to do anything for the last 8 weeks my ladies and husband have been doing an amazing job running it for me, bit just feel a bit out of it,if that makes sense, I don’t want to go back to how it was before all this happened is it me and just feeling over whelmed about doing a little but very tearful on the inside sorry for long message I know I can release it on here
thanks .

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@Shep48 it’s very normal to feel teary. I have days where I want to cry all the time - I’m 7months in so 8 weeks is definitely very early days. Stroke brings about heightened emotions & going back to doing some work has probably made you think a bit more about how you were pre-stroke. Cry if you need to. Take care xx

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Hello @Shep48. Just be kind to yourself and cut yourself some slack. In many cases our lives have been turned upside down and we are having to learn what the new normal is. On top of this our brains are not behaving like they used to. 11 months on, I have days when any thing can set me off. They are fewer now and I have learned to accept it as an after effect of my stroke. Wish it didn’t happen but I know I will calm down, it seems to pass and I do something to distract myself. If it helps, talk on this forum, we do get it. :slightly_smiling_face: Julia x

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Sit down and have a cuppa it will seem better after I too had many criies 17 months on still do but not as big all part of the stroke giftyou will recover you perspective it just takes time we are all here an many have been through the very same.

Take care chin up


do not worry about being tearful. I too have days like that

i get low as i dont alway see people as family too far, just need escape from hubby as we dontalways get on. need space, feeling lowtoday, as hubby dont gety up early, get lonely

Sorry to hear that, one of the benefits of the forums always someone who will reply with advice or comments, ring the stroke association if you want a human voice, share your concern with hubby he may be able to adjust his routine to suit you better

Sorry to hear you’re feeling low. It’s really difficult when you can’t do the things you want to & even worse when you’re not able to see people. I think people have put on other threads the details of the here for you service. It’s worth giving them a call. They have helped many people.
I don’t know your circumstances but is it worth seeing if any of your family will visit for a few days? Or maybe have a friend over for a cuppa & a chat. I was feeling very low but an unexpected visitor yesterday cheered me up no end.
Take care xx

thanks, my family are in essex too far,they dont visit as sister cant drive, its always me that goes there on coach, son came last week for a couple of nights,not got many freinds oneof the is away, the other lady is busy,son is in tamworth, hubby is different to me, he helps, we cant relate realy,

Excellent idea I have a friend coming over next weekend I haven’t seen I 4 years it’s something to look forward to good luck keep on going it’s what we all do very well most of the time.:joy:

Awww hope you have a great time with your friend. I love spending time with my friends & they’ve helped me loads since my stroke.

Absolutely after a stroke you really do find out who matter’s andwho cared fills me with joy and sadness

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feeing low today as no one to talk to family are too far hubby dont mind being on own, need someoneto talk to

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Hi Tricia, been talking to my brother in new Zealand, thank god for MSN messenger.dont be lonely there’s lots of people on this forum who wil reply with good advice and helpful words, we are all on this pickle together, chin up keep on plodding on

strugging to fill in this form from the helpline it wont let me fill in hobbies i dont know how to do it

thanks my family are too far feel isolated