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Hi my name is Sharon I had a stroke in may this year , been put in blood thinners and believe it’s because of blood pressure been basically left to get on with it fatigue is still there and slight weakness on left side feeling low and still not back to work and don’t like leaving house this has totally changed me


Hi Sharon. May was just a short while ago. It takes time for the brain to heal. I’m still working on it 4 years later! My left side was totally paralyzed. It seems as though your stroke may have been “milder” than mine. Be sure to focus on really using that left side to build up strength. It’s not surprising to me that you are not ready to go back to work. I wouldn’t feel ready now. As time goes on your self confidence will come back, and you’ll get back to leaving the house. I think a lot of us have become “housebound” because of this covid thing. We all feel safer at home. So, you had a double whammy>>>covid pandemic and a stroke. Fatigue is normal. Seems universal in people who’ve had a stroke. It lessens some over time. Hang in there. Be patient with your healing brain. You’re not alone. :slightly_smiling_face: :heart:Jeanne


@sharonnichols72 welcome to the group although sorry you had a stroke. It’s still very early days for you yet. I am 10 months on & still not back at work & still don’t go out too much as have trouble walking. Your confidence will come back in time.
Fatigue is a major problem for a lot after stroke. Your brain needs time to heal. Rest & recuperation is a big part of the recovery process. Even a mild stroke can cause major fatigue.
Stroke is a life changing event. Give yourself time to come to terms with it. You may get the old you back but there may also be a lovely new you waiting to burst out.
Best wishes.

Ann x


Thnakyou for all being so lovely just to no you’re not alone gives you reassurance, it’s a strange thing to go through and process , I think we can all be hard on ourselves, I look forward to being able to get support and give support :heart:


Hi Sharon

I had a ‘mild’ stroke in May too, a small bleed on the brain caused by high blood pressure. I thought I’d be back to work by now but I’m still not ready.

This forum is full of wonderful, caring people where you’ll find support, advice and empathy. Keep checking in here, it does help.


Welcome to the group as others have said it’s early days . Fatguie is harder to handle . However it does get a bit easier with kind regards des

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Hi Sharon, It is not long since you had your stroke, so don’t be hard on yourself. It takes time to heal and it not a linear process, you feel as if it is two steps forward and one back at times. I wish you all the best, Moira. :slightly_smiling_face:


Thankyou @Mahoney i worry about work , I feel people don’t no the impact this has had , also before this I had anxiety and still have , I’m not sure management are as supportive as they make out , my job is on my feet most of day so really am not ready to return also occupational health doctor said not ready yet , it’s just hard :cry:

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@sharonnichols72 ….Sharon…sorry to hear of your stroke and welcome to the forum…the people here are superb in support and caring….if only there were more people in everyday society like those here…

My fiancé had a stroke due to high blood pressure and once she was discharged from the ICU and long term health clinic (11 months later after said stroke). I remember caring for her, taking her blood pressure every so often and making sure she got her blood pressure medication.

It did at times appear to have side effects like fatigue from what I noticed. She was able to muster through, persevere, and endure but it took time and fortitude. She went back to be in Missouri with her family. As many of the others here know, I keep hoping and praying that she’ll recover while at home with family and hopefully one day return to me :heart:👰🏻‍♀:man_in_tuxedo:t2:

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Hi Sharon i am same as you may i took mine and im struggling mentally with my anxiety and im not back at work either and am not ready yet x i come on to the forum sometimes and i know there are a lot of good supportive people on here which is so good x although at the moment if i read anything negative i am focusing on that and making myself more worried so i only pop on every so often x i like the fact you can see what the subject topic is about so that helps x i hope you feel a bit better soon and am sure all the nice people on here will support you and help wen they can good luck xx

I know it’s hard but going back to work too soon will make u recovery very hard. I doublt at 63 that I will go back to paid work fatguie and being not as fast in movements are the main reasons and I walk slowly I am still waiting for a HR meeting at work only been waiting 10 months as I am in ESA support group and basic pip and there do not pay me there do not seem robe in any rush . Downside is sending in fit notes every three months. Upside the hoilday pay there owe me us building up lol

Hi Sharon. Sorry to hear about your stroke. I had mine some 18 months or so ago. Mine affected my speech but there are parallels with your situation. Fatigue is very common and you will learn to listen to your body in time. I still get fatigue but recognise that I need to rest and not overdo things. It does get better but we are all different, just like strokes, and as loshy said it can take time for the brain to sort itself out.

Hi Sharon, I had one around that time too, 2 brain bleeds after a series of very bad migraines …taken to hospital twice and both times left in a small waiting room room without seeing a doctor and not kept in, even with suspected stroke … then a week or so later had a CT scan which showed the bleeds and told I must not take aspirin ever again (I had been taking it for the migraines on orders of my GP) that was the only time I had contact with GPs … I know exactly how you feel about just being left to get on with it, and I am 76 … my husband also had a stroke few days after I had the TIAs … and again left alone in a hospital waiting room till he gave up and came home …such is the state of the NHS at the moment … shocking …and worrying …

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I am in the same boat it seems like they don’t care anymore I have spent a night in a corridor with no interaction or checking on me what is the point of being blue lighted in to hospital then left ? After complaining about my hart attack , and operation they said it looks like you have had all we can do already they discharged me even though I was in pain as the prognosis gave me two years to live done :see_no_evil:I am in living hell at the moment all I can get from the go is more tablets ashamed of the nhs now

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I am sooo sorry to hear this … it seems to be happening more than I thought …shocking state of affairs … sending you big ((((hugs)))) xx

Hi Icecream- I’m very saddened that you are going through all this. Forget about the prognosis of 2 years. God, not man, decides when we move on to the next life. I’ll remember you in my prayers tonight. :heart:Jeanne

@Icecream welcome. Sorry to hear your experiences. NHS does seem to be in a poor state right now. I hope you do manage to get some help from them though.
Take care xx

Thanks for your thoughts

I wish it were privatised, the amount of times I have been seen at the private clinic near to us, even though paid for by the NHS, has been far far superior to what we both dealt with by NHS hospital … also, NHS isn’t really free is it ?? Those of us who worked all our lives, paid for it every pay day and it wasn’t cheap …

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